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City Dino Rampage 2016

Explore with your dinosaur an entire world. A really amazing dinosaur simulator game.Get around with your dinosaur, eat everything you find on your way!Smash out everything in your way.Be crazy Dinosaur and hit objects in this dinosaur simulator a new addiction to dinsaur games free. Dinosaur Rampage with action gameplay.Take control of a huge Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex) and rampage the city. Smash into cars. Knock over streetlights, mailboxes. Watch water pour out of the Fire Hydrants as you smash into them. Don't worry, this dinosaur will eat people. He just likes to play around.The Jurassic beast strikes the modern city again. Dinosaurs are back from the Jurassic Age!
Play as an infuriated dinosaur warped out of its time period. The city once yours is riddled by strange, tiny, two legged creatures…they scream loudly and run pretty fast! Don’t let those tiny arms deter you from claiming back your home! Wander around the city destructing whatever gets in your way. Chase and crush invaders. Here is a chance to not only watch realistic dinos in this age but also be one of them!

City Dino Rampage 3D features:

•Realistic Animated Dinosaurs •Awesome 3D City Environment•Play As T-Rex, Spinosaurus, or Velocipede•Smooth And Easy Controls•Multiple levels with challenging gameplay•Install and play to become an ancient beast!

dinosaur rampage,carnivorous, tyrannosaurus, Tyrannosaurus are back from extinction in the African jungles. Help Trex for playing in the city Create havoc of the Jurassic era and win all levels. Look out for the other vicious dinosaurs.Explore with your dinosaur an entire world. A really amazing dinosaur simulator game: get around with your dinosaur, eat everything you find on your way!With your giant 3D Dinosaur be sure and look around in all the corners and uncover all the map secrets.This Dinosaur simulator is something you will not want to miss. You've tried Wolf Simulator, Bear Simulator, Shark Simulator, and anaconda Simulator. Now give Dinosaur Simulator a try!! Its big, its bad, its 3D awesomeness!

Category : Simulation

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Reviews (30)

Min. M. Jun 2, 2019     

superior quality and interest

Sec. Feb 23, 2020     

When I press install and I waited and do my Homework It don't come Out because I had virus glitch on my Ipad bruh

Sun. S. May 14, 2019     

i like it 👍😁 but it is a normal game

Kay. A. Aug 7, 2017     

This is false advertising. All you can do is kill animals instead of revenge on humans. Don't play this game, it stinks.

A. G. u. Mar 18, 2017     

Says you can change dinosaur, you can't, controls suck at times, need more levels, better graphics, it's 2017. Overall the game could use an a definite upgrade.

Mam. P. Sep 12, 2017     

This was a very bad game because it was very much kill animals and it's was false

and. d. Aug 22, 2017     

This game is EPIC I love destroying everything!!! 😈😈😈 I love this game download this game 👍👍👍

A. G. u. Mar 14, 2017     

Bad would not install

Jac. Y. Jun 2, 2017     

Hated​ it😥😥

Col. M. Jan 11, 2017     

Wrst game ever the game is rasist

Sar. K. R. Nov 16, 2016     

Such a worst game I have ever played

Lau. H. Dec 9, 2016     

The ads keep popping up

Pet. K. B. Jan 18, 2017     

Boring no animations or blood.

Don. Dec 27, 2016     

Meh..its good could've been no adds though

The. G. G. Nov 3, 2016     

That BOI😂

Md. S. Feb 12, 2017     

Dont download this game

Moh. A. Jun 25, 2016     

the all time bakwas game.😝😝

Rac. R. Apr 19, 2016     

I can't even play the game because add after add comes up. Grrrr, I am uninstalling😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

A. G. u. Dec 25, 2016     

You don't download it is very bad game virus game you no waste you data and time tanking you

Rox. D. Jun 9, 2016     

All you do is destroy things

Yan. T. Aug 30, 2016     

toooooooo many adds + its super lagy

dor. W. Jul 29, 2016     

Too many adds waste of time and installing

Man. U. Sep 6, 2016     

It is better but not best. Because their are too many ads☺☺

New. R. T. a. T. Oct 16, 2016     

It is very boring and bad game

Eri. W. Apr 13, 2017     

It is ok but I wish you could be the people, the animals, or anything else. I enjoyed playing​. I would give a 5 🌟 rating!😁😁😁😁

J. B. Dec 29, 2016     

All you do is walk in to stuff

Pri. M. Oct 12, 2016     

So boring improve this game please

Mun. S. Feb 25, 2017     

It an interesting game .I think every one has to play

Jat. A. Jan 4, 2017     

We cannot eat anyone only we have raun or destroy cars to gain points

Cec. C. Aug 27, 2016     

Don't waste your time in this