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City Gangster Clown Attack 3D

Do you ever think to terror the city and its people with your creative pure yet evil ideas? Well, here is your chance to unleash the animal inside you in this action simulation game by following just your dream regardless of the consequences of your actions.You are a clown gangster, who don't need brilliance, you have greed for revenge. Protect your boss from police surrounding his palace & attack deadly criminals, It's time to show everyone who’s boss by shooting rivals and ruling the streets, You are provided the unique opportunity to become a super villain. You were once the offence lord of Miami, Russia and many other crime city. loot the money of citizens, attack and escape from the spot without getting killed. You have to put up your guiltiness empire within the City of Angels. You just got out of San Andreas country prison. You can do two things struggle to make living or you can start playing like a criminal underworld gangster. Capture rival turf, ruling the hood and expanding your Russian mafia territory. Shoot down real enemy gang members. Master in attacks to bring down opponents gangster city rivals and cops. Put your fear in dangerous mobsters in guiltiness town. This Game is Only for real fun Not a Real crime. Clown Gangsters puts the dark, intriguing and ruthless world of the city’s street crimes on your phones. Stealing auto cars, evading city cops, racing through city streets, and shooting down other city gang members. Do you have enough guts to rise to the top of the criminal piles?.Key Features:-Amazing real 3D environment.-Fist fighting, assault rifle and batons.-Criminal missions with each unique tasks.-Smooth and intuitive controls.-Car driving experience .-Hardcore stunt simulation games.-Rush Grab & steal auto cars like a real mobster.

Category : Action

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