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Commodity Prices

This app is informative resource available to those interested in commodity prices. Get instant access to free real-time quotes for the top energy, metals, grains and livestock commodities futures.
All stock market quotes are separated by corresponding categories. Each category contains a list of goods presented in the form of cards. Every item has it's own menu with options.
- "Details" option. Find information about commodity prices and trading, such as ask, bid, high, low, volume etc. all in real time. In addition there is fully interactive historical stock charts showing data up to 6 months.
- "Chain". Shows the list of futures for the selected product. Every list item can be opened for detailed overview.

List of Goods.Energy: WTI Crude Oil, Brent, Heating Oil, RBOB Gasoline and Natural Gas futures.Metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Copper.Grains: Corn, Oats, Rough Rice, Soybean Meal, Soybean Oil, Soybeans.Livestock; Feeder Cattle, Lean Hogs, Live Cattle.Softs: Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Lumber, Orange Juice, Sugar.


Additional features:
- Nice and easy to use UI.
- Full tablets support.
- Swipe to refresh.

Category : Finance

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Reviews (30)

**. Sep 24, 2021     

Great app, very hard to find one that solely shows commodities and price history, as well as relevant up to date news stories for that commodity. Though, it hasn't been updated lately, and little by little, functionality is breaking. Price graph history is borked since Q1 of 2021. Sometimes news stories don't load either, but now they won't load whatsoever. I still use it for tracking of oil, gas, heating, softs and more. Hopefully the hard data continues to work. Or an update.

isa. v. Jan 4, 2022     

Really easy to use and find what you're looking for! although I would like to see a personal page that is customizable to just show what you are mostly interested in watching. Like corn, wheat and live cattle for example without changing tabs.

Noe. B. Mar 28, 2022     

Haven't had this app very long. So I give only a 4 star rating for now. I do like the simplicity of just having the commodities listed. Other apps are not showing the commodities now so it is very nice to have one that is all inclusive of that.

B. P. Sep 27, 2020     

They actually had an ad overtake my entire screen and play a video when I backed out of looking at one metal price. I click a lot back and worth. Only goes back six months. Can't tap a spot on the graph to isolate a date/price. No base metals or things like uranium. Unusable for me.

Tru. May 12, 2021     

Best app I know so far to give me commodity prices. Just wish it was a little easier to read by changing the color of the print. Red print is not easy to read on a dark background and the print could be a little larger

Dol. S. Feb 28, 2020     

New to the industry, learning about the commodity lingo. A whole different world and I love it! Very informative, with up to the hour updates. Would be nice to have app in Portuguese.

Joh. A. Mar 19, 2022     

Exactly what i wanted and needed. Simple. No extra junk. Wish for a few more comodities such as propane but overal great!

E.. R. H. Jul 11, 2019     

Fantastic. About the only improvement I would state has already been suggested...charting of at least five years. But this is an amazing app. Thank you!

Chr. T. Nov 12, 2021     

For some reason lumber was removed from softs and hasn't returned, even though it's a pretty strong indicator of many tangential markets, and the only one I really downloaded the app for.

C. M. Nov 28, 2021     

Not a good app. Gola if the most popular metal and this app doesn't display gold price. Crude is the most popular form of energy and that isn't displayed on the app. There are at least 50 metals and this app displays only 3

Kar. K. Aug 2, 2019     

useful app. easy to use. and newly they added more commodities. would be also good to have additional info about markets and some analysis. and also in different currencies and measures (metric tons).

Ste. L. Oct 3, 2020     

Simple easy and very very concise no frills no buzzers no hoops no whistles just prices thank you for making it easy if I wanted a lawyer to interpret commodities cost I call one and be even more confused that's what I feel like the other apps that are offered are. this one is like talking to a neighbor

Sea. S. Aug 7, 2020     

Simple and easy! Just needed something to-the-point and this app is exactly that! Works great with no apparent bugs or lagging. Great!

Raf. C. M. Aug 16, 2021     

I thought it was good at first. But now it has problems more often than not. Ads never have problems though. Those run smoothly.

Ron. L. Jan 14, 2021     

Great This has everything I wanted. Very user friendly. Where have livestock & grain quotes gone? That is what I used this app for mostly, and no quotes since Oct 2020. Change my rating to one star.

Arm. R. Oct 18, 2018     

Great app. User friendly, very neat and good looking lay out. Informative and perfect for having your eye on the market on the go.

Ste. P. Nov 25, 2020     

Used to be good. Now charts never or rarely load. Error messages. Sometimes certain commodoties are absent.

Jon. S. Sep 3, 2019     

Need an add free version. Add are so very annoying. Would gladly pay. Can't stand distractive, annoying and bothersome adds.

Dan. E. Dec 8, 2018     

Solid on showing live spot prices. Longer history charts would be better. and lots of news articles for each commodity

Fra. T. Jun 29, 2019     

Simple and easy to use. Tap commodity for time series plot and outlook news.

Eri. H. Mar 17, 2020     

I was hoping for more information. More metals, with the ability to build your own "watchlist" would've gotten 5 stars.

Dou. P. Aug 9, 2021     

Should also have other metals such as zinc aluminum copper (all grades) and not enough data such as graphs. Good basic app.

Mem. S. Oct 20, 2021     

This is a very good app...but...I need to see prices at a glance as I did with another application that stopped working for some reason unknown to Me.

Ste. L. Sep 3, 2021     

On occassion I need to check a commodity price. I always get the imformation I'm looking for.

Umi. S. Mar 24, 2022     

Really neat work. Why don't you put a help page showing all units' meanings for newbies? (like me)

Ben. L. Nov 6, 2020     

It worked really good for 2 weeks and now it wont update. Ive uninstalled it numerous times and it still shoes the same.

Kel. L. Jul 22, 2019     

it's a useful tool but should include financials and currencies as well as the other categories.

Joh. J. Jul 22, 2020     

This app does exactly what I need. Easy interface and great to use. A favorite.

Ran. M. Mar 1, 2022     

Simple, accurate, easy to use, great app!!!

Wil. G. Jul 21, 2019     

I stumbled upon this app a few days ago, and am loving it so far. Anyone trading commodities will find it beneficial.