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ConceptSIS Student & Parent Portal

ConceptSIS is the student and parent portal app to view school progress and activities in school districts that use ConceptSIS. If your school district does not use ConceptSIS, you will not be able to use this app.

In this app...
- Announcements
- Assignments - quickly view upcoming or missing assignments and see scores
- Attendance
- Course Schedule
- Fee & Payments
- Schedule
- Merit Items
- Report Card Grades
...and more.

Category : Education

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Reviews (11)

Cat. L. Mar 24, 2021     

The point of using the app is to avoid logging in via a PC every time I want to check my children's grades. Unfortunately, the app logs me OUT after every use, meaning I can't check grades and missing assignments unless I have my password handy (the school set up my user name & password, so I never remember them). And yes, I have "remember me" selected, but it never does. This defeats the purpose. It works fine once I'm logged in...until the next time (using a Samsung Galaxy S10).

Pau. L. Sep 14, 2021     

The last update for this app was back in 2017. It is well over time for either an update for the app or a new app developed to download. An app this old could have some major security problems. Please, give us an update for security reasons at least. Like adding fingerprint security to the app to login maybe?

Rut. T. Aug 19, 2019     

I received an error message after I downloaded to my Android: This app was built for an older version of Android that may not work properly. Try checking for updates and contact the developer. Can you add an update for Android as my son's school uses this app for grades.

sea. s. Sep 30, 2021     

Suddenly stopped working on Samsung Galaxy S10. Says for older model/version. No updates available. 😕

Ter. A. Apr 4, 2022     

Easy to use and keep updated on

Cas. M. Oct 23, 2019     

Informative and and very good way to see how my children are doing in class.

Nai. U. Apr 4, 2020     

Great app, very informative and helful to keep track of my grades.

Jes. Aug 5, 2019     

Why give a "remember me" option if it keeps logging me out and doesn't remember my name and password anyway?!

Kal. E. Sep 2, 2017     

The assignment UI could be more user friendly. Overall functionality is nice for parents who'd like to keep track of their student.

A. G. u. Oct 24, 2017     

"ConceptSIS" a great app to keep track of my CYSP scores.

A. G. u. May 12, 2018     

I think it is good because u can see wht u got and grades i use it all the time