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Convert Everything - Units

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* Convert Everything Seriously Converts Any Unit of Measurement to Another
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* Convert All the Things with Convert Everything
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Convert Everything is a unit converter and calculator but also much more. In fact, there are so many conversions and calculators in this app that I cannot fit them inside the description. You can easily organize your favorite conversions for easy sorting. Additionally, you can also view your past unit conversions via the history menu. Here is a small and incomplete list of what can be found inside:

Acceleration AngularBattery charge timeAcceleration LinearMolecular weight / Molar mass calculatorAndroid DPI calculatorAnglesFrequency Electric PotentialFinancial calculatorsRing sizeBrix and BaumeOven TemperatureFuel ConsumptionLarge NumbersAlphanumeric phone numberWire gaugeSheet metal unit converterColors Hex, RGBMetric UnitClothing sizePantsHatsUnderwearSocksDress ShirtsShoesShoesClothing SizeSuits and CoatsMen's T-shirtsText
- ASCII,hexadecimal, binary, Morse code, Base64Moment of ForceSpecific HeatHeat CapacityIlluminationIllumination Luminous IntensityDigital Image ResolutionTemperatureTorqueLength DistancePlanetary WeightPlanetary AgeRoman NumeralsCurrency converterAstronomicalSoundVolume Charge DensityTypographyTemperature IntervalLatent Heat Luminous energySpeed of WindAmount of substanceHVAC EfficiencyHenry's LawCalorific ValueSpecific VolumeResistivityResistanceThermal ExpansionMagnetomotive ForcePermeabilitySurface Charge DensitySurface Current DensityConductivityMass WeightMagnetic Field StrengthThermal ResistivityThermal ConductivitySurface TensionAreaForceViscosity DynamicViscosity KinematicVolumeConcentration LiquidConcentration MolarData StorageCapacitanceChargeConductanceCurrentData TransferDensityElectric FieldEnergyEntropyVolume DryVolume LumberVelocity AngularVelocityRadiation ExposureTimeRadiation RadioactivityRadiation Dose EquivalentRadiation Absorbed Dose RateRadiation Absorbed DoseFlowFlow MassFlow MolarHeat Flux DensityHeat Transfer CoefficientInductanceLinear Charge DensityLinear Current DensityLuminanceMagnetic FluxMagnetic Flux DensityMass Flux DensityMoment of InertiaPressurePowerArea of RoomBlood SugarCooking unitsUnix timestampFrequency wavelengthTime Lead time days weeks months yearsTime Remove timeTime Days until countdownWind chillVolume ObjectsWomen's bra band sizeWomen's bra cup sizeChildren's shoesChildren's shoesToddler shoesInfant shoesArea ShapesPerimeterSurface AreaTime Date JulianFractionsFuel costPercentageTip calculatorStandard deviationNumber sequences FibonacciRandom number generatorPercent ErrorAtmosphereDepth of FieldStatisticsElectrical EngineeringThermodynamicsDownload timeChemistryPixels Aspect RatioNumber PropertiesAutomotiveFluid mechanicsCivil EngineeringMechanical EngineeringViscosity Oil WaterEnthalpy Mass, Molar, VolumeAlcohol Blood alcohol contentBitcoinWords to pagesCooking substitutionsPixels, aspect ratio, PPI, dot matrixHealth and fitnessPeriodic table of elementsFrequency and PeriodAstrology ZodiacOhm's lawSpeedBrailleNumber basesInternational Radiotelephony Spelling AlphabetPaper weightPaper sizeTime ZonesAstrology and ZodiacResistor color codewatts /dbmFile formatsGPAInflation / CPIscrew sizesSpeed of Sound FractionsPercentagesEnzymeComputer SpeedDNA LengthTime calculatorChild Blood TypeFrame rateWave numberFuel efficiency volumeFuel efficiency massRadiationMoleLinear mass densityWater hardnessMusical NotesTempoNailsDrill bit sizeDrill tap sizeLatitude longitudeAmerican Sign Language ASLWrench sizesSyringe needle gaugeBed sizesCountry flagsBody jewelry gaugeLumberCSSRichterWine bottleBullet EnergyRecoil Energy

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