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Credit History Report

Get Your FREE Credit History Report Score!
Start by getting your score FREE! Your score changes and you want to see what lenders and others see.

We are updating lots of training on things you need to know about your Credit Report.

We are providing video, audio, and pdf trainings so you can consume the information any way you like.

A great resource for anyone wanting to monitor, learn about, and improve their Credit History Report!

* We are constantly partnering with companies to help you with your Credit History Report by providing the following:

* 24/7 Credit Monitoring *

We'll watch for activity at all 3 Credit Bureaus, including new accounts opened in your name. Credit activity can be the first sign of identity theft!

* 3-Bureau Credit Alerts *

24/7 monitoring and email alerts give early warning about changes in your credit profile so you can check for identify theft and fraud.

* 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring *

Daily monitoring of your Credit History Report at all 3 national bureaus: Experian®, Equifax® and TransUnion®.

Credit Report errors can hurt your Credit Score and could cost you thousands, so check yours often.

Get alerts when there are key changes—like new accounts and delinquencies— on your Credit Report, and find out when your Credit Score changes.

Find out how big financial decisions — like buying a house, paying off credit cards or getting a new car—could affect your Credit History Report Score.

Download it now, and we will give all of our users a 50% discount on the Pro Version soon to be released!

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Ire. C. Feb 16, 2014     

Several dead links, web-based advice, and many, MANY ads. Does not give actual credit scores.