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Credit Karma

Get your free credit scores, reports and more on Credit Karma. Checking your own credit won’t affect your score, and we’ll never ask for your credit card info. Plus, we just updated the app with a bright new look!

• Free credit monitoring – We’ll send you alerts about important changes on your TransUnion credit report.
• Direct Dispute™ – If you notice an error on your TransUnion report, you can submit a dispute without leaving Credit Karma.
• Free education, tips and tools – We’ll help you understand your scores and reports so you can make informed financial decisions.
• Personalized recommendations – Use our Approval Odds to find credit cards and loans you’re more likely to be approved for.

Join more than 60 million members on the path to financial progress. Learn more and sign up at www.creditkarma.com.

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Reviews (30)

Ric. S. May 26, 2022     

The information is useful, but most of the "recommendations", are really advertisements (which, in fairness, CK does - sort of - disclose) for products from which they make money, and not necessarily beneficial to the consumer. For example, when I had a total of $217 in credit card debt, they recommended that I take out a personal loan - from one of their "partners", of course - to pay it off. The information on your financial status is good, just don't trust the offers or recommendations.

P. T. Apr 8, 2022     

The app is awesome and really convenient. I haven't experienced any issues with any bugs or the app crashing on me. There doesnt seem to be a hundred updates released every month nor do I feel like its needed. The layout is simple and the recommendations are not too pushy. Overall I have been using the app for probably close to a year (maybe more) and I think its a great app to review your score(s).

JDu. G. Mar 17, 2022     

The app is pretty cool to give you an idea of what's on with your credit but it's not accurate. it's interesting to me that when I pay things down (which may not have to deal directly with the app but maybe just the credit reporting system) it takes over a month to update, but let me do a hard inquiry and it updates to take away points within minutes!!! The app had a lot of solicitations for other credit borrowing and loan options. Overall decent for tracking what'd going on with your credit.

SAM. K. Apr 21, 2022     

BEST way to keep tabs on your credit status with two of the three credit bureaus. Immediate notification if a credit inquiry is made on you. FASTER then a paid service I WAS using, and more accurate on details. Features also keep track of your car loans and mortgage loans. Keeps track of your car value also. Special offers from credit card companies, and promotional offers. Updates frequently with email notifications that something has changed in your report. Sometimes even daily changes.

Kei. D. Mar 18, 2022     

the single best app for monitoring your credit for free. it may not have a wide variety of scores but it's good for the average person to build their credit. it gives calculated suggestions. its the perfect app for someone with no credit that doesn't know what they are doing. if this is you, just download the app, and follow directions. fyi the best way to boost your credit with a credit card is to use your card somewhat often and pay it off completely before the end of each statement period.

Mic. B. Apr 25, 2022     

Always a couple days behind on your score even with "daily checks", so don't count on an accurate score from them. "More updates" is bogus too. Just leads to credit offers and loan offers. You're better off with monitoring programs directly affiliated with the credit bureaus and then you get the added advantage of being able to lock your credit files to prevent unauthorized credit checks, etc.

Mar. M. May 16, 2022     

Honestly, I never could get a credit card... One day though I checked out credit karma after seeing too many ads and also because of the bonus you get if you file your taxes this year with them. Now I have 3 cards and I knew enough before about credit but truly it does teach, help, and provides a lot. Highly Recommended 🤘🏼

Jae. C. Mar 26, 2022     

Credit Karma could use some work. They make it appear like the credit information is constantly updated when in fact it lags behind, sometimes for months. Case in point, if you pay off a loan, it isn't reflected, not in the loan details nor on your credit scores, for months. What is the point of saying that the credit was updated as of "Today," when it isn't actually up-to-date on anything. Still, better than nothing.. good program, but it is a "Shrug, Better Than Nothing."

Joa. O. May 6, 2022     

The easiest app to use and so helpful for learning how to improve and maintain credit. I went from literally a 0 score to buying a house in less than a year, no joke. This app will tell you specifically which areas of your score need help and what you can do to improve them. Push notifications for any credit profile changes and daily updates to your scores. Shows 2 scores so you have a better idea of your range.

Jul. May 8, 2022     

useful but that penny bot is pretty irritating, especially when none of the pre-set response options have anything to do with "understanding your score." also, less emails would be nice. without me manually going into my settings to do all that. imagine doing that for all the 500 things you accidentally provided your email address for.

Bri. P. May 22, 2022     

It's a pretty dope app that tells me a non-standard vantage score that around 30 points higher than your standard FICO score. It also alerts me within seconds of a change to my credit report. The other day I applied for a card that was recommended by the app and within 30 seconds of pressing the submit application butron, I was notified of a hard inquiry and an explanation of what the difference between a soft and hard inquiry was. The app is also usefull to dispute inaccuracies.

Kev. M. Mar 26, 2022     

I've had this able for a number of years. Within the last year it has started to have numerous bugs. For the last couple of months I haven't been able to pull up changes on my credit report. Today I am not unable to open the app because it says there is an update available. After uninstalling and reinstalling that app continues to not open. Definitely more work to be done.

Coo. D. Mar 26, 2022     

Update doesn't work for everyone , as im caught in limbo . wouldn't let me in , as it said that version was no longer used . Never found a link to update when It reverted me back to Google play . Eventually tried deleting the app and reinstalled it , same thing . Restarted phone. Also tried , after many attempts to create a new account . Still sends me back to the previous pin screen and says version no longer used . Good enough for me , less emails each month for their best guess at my scores.

A. K. May 7, 2022     

Worst customer service ever. Demands private info by email and screenshots for OBVIOUS THINGS. I'm stuck with an incorrect collections amount on summary page that vanishes when I click through and these fools can't figure out why it's showing incorrect data!!! They try to blame the bureaus even though it's not on my reports, crazy incompetent. I can't even delete and restart since they store your data for two years before it's anonymized with no option to make it instant. Would you trust them?

Rah. K. May 22, 2022     

The app is and really convenient. I haven't experienced any issues with any bugs or the app crashing on me. There doesn't seem to be a hundred updates released every month nor do I feel like its needed. The layout is simple and the recommendations are not too pushy. Overall I have been using the app for probably close to a year (maybe more) and I think its a great app to review your score

Jam. S. May 11, 2022     

It won't take a picture. It finally takes a picture after about 20 times but then you're so irritated you just want to throw your phone. It would be one thing if you can manually take a picture when you verify something with your ID, but it won't let you. It says move closer. You can't move any closer. It says remove glare, there is no glare. The app can only takes a picture and I can't verify it, and who really keeps their old phone number when they get a new one? obviously credit karma app

A. S. Mar 26, 2022     

Decent application for the years that I have used it. While I understand that credit reporting agencies may be "slow" in reporting payments, I am seeing delays of several months in reported payments being recorded in the application. Particularly by those finance companies I know report monthly as I see the payments on other sites. I also have the application on a mobile device that I went to access today. Upon opening that mobile app (android), I was presented with a pop-up indicating the installed version was "no longer supported" and required an update. Update performed and opened the mobile app. Again, I was presented with the same pop-up regarding the version support. I even went so far as removing the app and doing a reinstallation. No luck. I have found that you need to remove the application then restart your mobile device. At that time, reinstall the application and then log into the application. Obviously, this is something the programmers could have shared with users.

abl. Apr 3, 2022     

When you click "apply" for any credit card inside the app, the link is opened in a browser internal to the app. Because this browser has limited features, you might end up needing to open a new tab or having to go back and BAM, you've lost your half completed application. Try to apply again and the credit card provider tells you "there was an error, call us about your application" because of course, you have 2 active applications now. This has happened to me every single time, and it's dumb.

Chr. O. Mar 26, 2022     

Truly Love this app!! I have recommended to all mt family members, friends and clients. I love how I can keep track of balances and utilization, inquiries, accounts, I mean it has it all. Payment history as well ! For those who say credit scores are not accurate remember each credit bureau scores differently and the score in credit karma is for educational purposes. So they try to keep as accurate as possible using the information on ur credit report.

Bas. B. Mar 26, 2022     

Like so many others who have commented, I'm told my current version of the app is no longer supported, must update, with no option to update. Uninstalled and re-installed, same issue. This is obviously a widespread issue affecting affecting many users. Why is credit karma not at least acknowledging the issue and sending out some communication to let us know they're working on it?

Lee. C. Mar 26, 2022     

Has been a great app over the years. Have learned alot about credit I didn't know. How after this last update it is telling me this version is not supported. I have the current version loaded. I have uninstalled and reinstalled as well as restarting my phone still the same. Like to know if this is a fixable issue.

Rob. v. M. j. Mar 26, 2022     

Best app out there for helping to rebuild your credit. I use the information as a base guideline and it shows me where I can and can't improve my credit score. Been using this app for over a year I went from 0 credit 742. Well the app was opening just fine now it says update the app problem is it won't update I'll try a couple more times to see if I can get it to work if not all is uninstalled and go somewhere else

Cha. L. May 18, 2022     

I finally paid off all credit card debt that I had, and I contacted each of them personally to make sure there were no outstanding balances and when they showed a zero balance. But for some reason Credit Karma will not take one card balance off my report. I disputed it twice and it is still on there. I contacted the bank where the card is issued and they reported it correctly, I am considering using another app Credit Karma does not seem to be very accurate.

Sal. L. May 15, 2022     

Credit Karma is nothing more then a sales market for credit cards and loans.There credit scores are not even close to your real scores. Slow to update any kind of credit changes. Customer service is terrible. My credit scores are 60to80 points higher they have on there platform. There's other apps that are more accurate than there's They should be more about your scores Then trying you to apply for any type of credit off there platform

Sti. D. May 20, 2022     

Scores are wildly in accurate. The only thing the app is useful for is selling you loan or credit card applications and seeing some accounts. In response to the reply I got; I got my actual credit scores from the credit bureau and I'm getting 2 scores hovering around 700 and only 1 around what Credit Karma says it is. So my original comment stands. I'll bump it up a star because it does help with active/past accounts

Mik. G. May 21, 2022     

Useful and intuitive app, it has made tracking and analyzing my credit score convenient and easy. I haven't used other credit monitoring services nor do I remember the user and data privacy agreements for this one. With that said, I highly recommend it.

Vic. B. May 6, 2022     

It doesn't allow you to get to either TransUnion or Equifax so it is hard to do a dispute and it doesn't give you credit for being on time with payments because I have not been late for a payment in over 4 year's and I have paid off some loans or a credit card that had on time payments but even if it was over 2 year's old you get nothing for settling the debt I don't understand why

Jos. A. Apr 8, 2022     

All this app is good for now is selling you credit cards and showing your score. You used to be able to see all your accounts... now it's impossible to find anything. Undo your changes.. it used to be extremely easy to get the information I wanted just by scrolling down my "home page".... not anymore, it's not even listed, nor is there a drop down available for it...

Che. J. E. May 25, 2022     

I love credit karma for a lot of the features they have, but the fact that my credit scores show 40-70 lower on here than what everyone else can see as my true scores (who arent the owners) that AFFECTS MY credit is annoying. and it does not update updates on payments etc as quick as the accounts on my credit account. really wish these things weren't an issue but it's been that way for a lot of people long term. 5 stars if that ever gets fixed.

Gre. H. May 24, 2022     

The information given is 80% of the time incorrect. Regarding credit card balances. On many occasions I have a zero balance and they show 5% utilization. Three fourths of the month they carry the same number. I pay off my credit card balance 3-4 times a month. I have been doing this for years, so I have enough data to easily provide proof of erroneous information. I only have one credit card, very easy to track.