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Creepy Clown Revenge

Creepy clown is on the way to trample the 3D city and creating rampage by its strong attack in creepy clown games. This is the real nightmare for the citizens on this Halloween. In clown killing games you have to escape from this clown apocalypse! Now you can get in on the scary action from the safety of your own home. In killer clown games and clown games where you can attack people and you can drive, frightened the city by smashing and destruction, also with your horrifying scream. Clown games scary were never been so thrill and terrorizing! In creepy clown games play as an enraged killer clown arisen from the depth of the earth. Become the scariest clown and fight against cops, civilians, create chaos, frightened children and become monster clown. Ultimate clown has arrived in the big city for realistic destruction and rampage in CREEPY CLOWN REVENGE!In this killer creepy clown simulator and clown games scary you as a big clown chase and kill the people and creating chaos by trampling the whole fantasy city. In gameplay of clown killing games smash and attack heavy vehicles, houses, buildings, even playgrounds, for ultimate destruction to earn scores in 15 levels with clown games where you can attack people and you can drive. By earning maximum scores you can unlock the different killer clown costumes. You have to be aware of loaded police men or not to track by the armed guardsmen they have shoot at sight orders in creepy clown games with the twist of killer clown chase game simulator. So are you ready to attack with your creepy clown and clown games where you can attack people and you can drive? FEATURES OF CREEPY CLOWN REVENGE:•15 thrill & action packed Killer missions with CLOWN games.
• Realistic 3D fantasy city destruction and killing.
• Scary clown games animations with urban city environment.
• Multiple clown textures and scary costumes available.
• Vibrant gameplay and awesome 3D graphics in killer clown game. Mas 3D Studio is expert for delivering top notch simulation games. Don’t hesitate to reach us out for ratings, feedback or suggestions.

Category : Simulation

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