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Cross Dresser - For LGBT Community


Practical guide for cross-dressers to transform into natural looking genetic women.

This guide covers Creating a Feminine Face, Makeup , Hair, Eye , Female Body, Body Shapes, Clothes, Skin Treatments , Wigs , Lingerie, Bust , Breast Forms, Cleavages , Hips, Rear, Footwear and much more. Also chat with other cross-dressers online in real time.


* This guide is for not just for crossdressers alone.
* This guide is also aid Ladies, Transsexual and Transgenders to learn more about femininity too.

it is very possible to live a "transgendered" life as a woman without resorting to hormones or surgery. This guide will teach you STEP BY STEP. We also cover the psychological part of being a woman. Not just the outer image, you must also learn to develop a female inner image too.

We wish you all the best and extend our support to all those who want to be look, feel, live like a real woman with our Cross-Dressers guide towards womanhood.

Category : Education

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Reviews (26)

Kan. D. Jun 12, 2021     

Hey there, I had Used your App. And it has been great help. The Guide and Description is there for all Petty things which often goes Un-noticed or Un-attended.Although, if there would have been Video Description about the different Topics which you have put ,then it would have been Much better. Secondly I liked your Replies which you had given to those guys who Had Rated you 1 Star.In my life ,I had never seen the Developer of any App Giving such Bad@&& Replies . OMG I can't stopπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Hon. B. Aug 16, 2019     

Just downloaded this newer version. Thanks for full of information. This is not just for cross dressers to become woman.. it even suits females like me too. I learned alot from the proper way to stand, sit and even eat Really loving it

Sky. B. Jan 13, 2021     

Works after I debuged it app was not wanting to connect to wifi wrote a script to fix it it might be do to my phone being in development mode don't know bur fixed

kri. m. Aug 15, 2019     

loads os stuffs.. very informative. clear and precise. if there is video tutorial included , it would be just perfect

A. G. u. Jan 5, 2022     

πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– Though the app is little more than a forum, the makeup section makes it invaluable!

Ali. D. Feb 19, 2021     

I found the information in the app problematic at best and severely sexist at worst. Unfortunately I'm unable to recommend it to anyone

T. C. May 24, 2021     

I love the responses to the negative reviews LMAO! Informative and the app works. As someone who just began HRT 5/19 I'm sure I'll get good use out of it. A huge thank you to the developer(s). <3

Thr. T. Sep 15, 2021     

I haven't tried it yet, about to open the app or the first time. But your responses to low star ratings make it worth 5⭐.

Bee. B. May 3, 2020     

A ton of information. Very informative. Very helpful. Thank you for sharing this

Sam. S. Feb 23, 2021     

Haven't even opened the app, but 100% love the developers replies to 1 star ratings. No apologies, 5 stars

Ste. B. Mar 21, 2020     

Highly inaccurate information, to the point of being offensive to my LGBT friends. Interface very poor.

Gor. G. Jan 18, 2022     

Educational and fun

SHE. F. M. Sep 1, 2020     

Nice app loads of information. thanks a lot keep it up

Can. R. Oct 10, 2020     

Good advice and tips for all. Positive comments from community and admin is very helpful.

tan. P. Nov 6, 2019     

awsome very easy to understand

Ash. A. Jan 11, 2021     

A lot of great information. Definitely recommend.

Mar. K. Aug 24, 2020     

Great appreciation and nice application

Jim. N. Apr 9, 2021     

I love wearing women's clothing and panties and pantyhose they feel so nice against my body

Aar. Y. May 3, 2020     

I love this app it really helps ❀️

Buz. L. Sep 21, 2019     

This just became my favorite app.

YZ. I. Jan 28, 2021     

It says Json handshake failed and crashes

Jun. L. Jan 27, 2021     

I'm a crossdresser so I love this app

jas. s. Sep 8, 2019     

I love this app

Dav. G. J. Jan 20, 2021     

This is helping me becoming a woman

Jos. D. P. E. May 4, 2020     

love it....thank u

Sha. R. Aug 24, 2020     

This guide is also aid Ladies, Transsexual and Transgenders to learn more about femininity too.