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CrowdPlayer wireless Jukebox

Make your phone a jukebox and let people queue their and your tracks from their phones.
Ideal for: house parties, garden parties, camping, beach, car/minibus journeys, youth clubs, pubs, trendy cafes, any venue that wants a quick and portable jukebox*.

• Any smartphone user can queue tracks on the jukebox device
• Android users can stream their own music tracks
• Like and vote on tracks, options to move tracks up the queue or vote off
• Remove your own tracks
• Admins can control the jukebox remotely
• Two queue ordering modes: first-come-first-served (traditional jukebox) or one each (fairer)
• Optionally play random tracks if the queue is empty
• Charts
- for each user and the jukebox
• Pre-define a playlist and add the entire list on arrival; tracks will be interleaved with others' in the queue
• Webserver allowing any device to join in
• NFC and QR codes to help others get connected
- press Menu -> 'Help others use jukebox'
• Optional internet discovery so users don't have to join the same Wifi network
• Internet Jukebox browser at http://crowdplayer.net
• Works down to Android 2.1
- dig out that old phone

Voting modes:
• just for fun
• vote-up-to-move-up: popular tracks move up the queue and play earlier
• vote off: tracks are skipped if they receive a down vote from over 50% of users
• opt-in to voting off: only users who opt in can vote off and risk their tracks being voted off

Make a user an Admin in the 'People' tab
- Admins may change the volume, pause, skip tracks, remove any track, and protect tracks from being voted off

Tap the dice to randomly jump about the huge music list or use the filter and search buttons in the top bar.

Bugs and feature requests by email or at https://crowdplayer.uservoice.com please.

QuickstartChoose the device with the most music to be the jukebox, connect it to the speakers using the headphone socket or Bluetooth, start the CrowdPlayer app and press 'Create Jukebox'. If there's a free Wifi network available join it, otherwise press 'Create a Wifi hotspot'. Press 'Start Jukebox'.Have other devices start the CrowdPlayer app and join the same Wifi network. If they don't have the CrowdPlayer app yet press 'Menu' -> 'Help others use Jukebox' on any CrowdPlayer app to help them get it. NFC tap works here.To use any device with a web browser join the same Wifi network then scan the barcode shown in the 'Help others use Jukebox' screen or type the address shown into the web browser.

Internet discoveryIf you have internet access via a Wifi router, enabling internet discovery will let users nearby connect to your jukebox without having to join your Wifi. It will also be listed on http://crowdplayer.net
- allowing any nearby web browser to connect without the need for an app.NOTE: this optionally forwards ports and exposes your phone's IP address.

Permissions explainedLocation: Only used if you choose to make your Jukebox available via the internet, to allow users to discover the Jukeboxes nearbyNear-Field Communication: Used to share the app and network detailsFull internet access: connect to Google Music and Google Analytics (anonymous)Device & app history / Read log data: system log is included in bug reports if enabled in prefs (disabled by default)Your accounts: to access Google Music on your requestWifi multicast: allow discovery of devices on the same Wifi networkChange network connectivity, change Wifi status: ease setup so devices can connect to each otherPrevent phone from sleeping: some phones become undiscoverable when asleep, option for this in prefs*venues, or anyone broadcasting music to the public, must ensure they have the legal licenses required to do so, such as PRS in the UKKeywords: crowd player jukebox music network wifi playlist playqueue

Category : Music & Audio

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