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Crude Today - Daily Oil Price

This application helps you to get a daily closing oil price for Brent oil price, WTI oil price and latest Oil & Gas News.
Providing detailed information about Brent crude oil price, WTI crude oil price including historical charts.

Data Source : http://www.oil-price.net/Oil & Gas News : http://oilprice.com/

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Category : Finance

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Reviews (15)

SYE. I. G. Mar 24, 2021     

It should be in detail with price trend, there is nothing in the app, and it should be ad free,

And. P. Aug 5, 2021     

Just the prices I want in an instant!

Geo. S. Feb 21, 2019     

not updated

dev. s. S. Apr 3, 2017     

After updating not open. Only adds displayed. Please resolve problem

Bad. A. Feb 24, 2018     

Its not showing any prices any more .. useless

Too. t. M. 7. M. n. a. s. Sep 23, 2016     

Because of this app won over 3.9 millions pounds by selling .not buying gold.on the bullion market would recomend to. all pro.(no dunce heads .well most people that incljdes i suppose.only the rear few are good and clever enuf to win cash .and lots of it.sorry u losets out thete .u sad sad bastards .u wish u were me .dont u..lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lololololol traders like myself .u must be good .like me .obviously ..i sm the best ....la la la la la la la .3.9 million pounds.eat that lol

Muh. B. Feb 22, 2016     

This app only give latest oil rates

Moh. A. Jan 21, 2016     

It provides useful info with easy access

Uzo. I. Aug 3, 2016     

It's a good app. Always upto date.

Ihe. A. Feb 16, 2016     

Well app for oil updates....

Wad. A. Dec 12, 2015     

Really, it's a good app. 👍

Saq. S. Dec 12, 2015     

Outstanding and brilliant app

Man. S. Dec 12, 2015     

Very good application

Kar. M. Jan 5, 2017     

This app never loads pricrs, waste of time

Gaz. P. Feb 12, 2016     

Nice informative app