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Grocery shopping with your kids can be a time-consuming, frustrating experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Introducing a new way to keep your kids engaged and entertained when you grocery shop…Crumbsters! While your kids play and explore the Crumbsters app, you can focus on the shopping. Crumbsters features original music, illustration, animation and surprise activities on every page that will capture your child’s imagination. They can even play Crumbsters at home or on the trip to the store.
Each month a new Crumbster will be released via a code you receive in-store. Enter the new code into the Crumbsters app and start playing! Every new Crumbster has fun new stories and games for your little one to play.

Features-Suitable for ages 2-4-5 Crumbsters available, download a new one each month-5 fun interactive stories-5 games to play-Learn how to cook with Sir Noodleneck, -Become a master smoothie mixologist with Goobert,-Show off your art skills with Remmy-Learn how to take care of Squeaker-Play fetch and care for Chewie-Kid friendly interface!-No in-app purchases

Category : Educational

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