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Cummins Fault Code Advisor

Do you service Cummins engines? The Cummins Fault Code Advisor helps you gather and manage public J1939 fault code information for Cummins engines. It can also read public fault codes for other non-Cummins modules on almost any equipment with a J1939 datalink.
Features of the Cummins Fault Code Advisor/Adviser:
• Reads both active and inactive public J1939 fault codes for Cummins engines
• Reads active and inactive public fault codes for other non-Cummins control modules on the J1939 datalink
• Clears inactive fault codes
• Displays a snapshot of engine information such as make, model, serial number, total idle hours, trip fuel information, and total crankshaft revolutions
• Allows you to share the snapshot of vehicle data with anyone via e-mail

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need an ELM327 OBD2 Bluetooth datalink adapter to connect to the vehicle, generator, or other equipment. An adapter cable may also be required between the ELM327 and the J1939 port on your equipment. In North America, most vehicles use the 9-pin Deutsch connector for the OBD2 diagnostics port. Please note that Cummins has no affiliation with these adapter and cable providers and we do not guarantee or endorse compatibility for any brand of adapter. However, adapter incompatible is the leading cause of issues for our users. Here are some brands that other users have reported to be reliable that can be found via internet search:Adapter: “BAFX Bluetooth OBDII Reader Scan Tool”Cable: “Yason OBD2 Cable Deutsch J1939 9 Pin to OBD2 cable Model YS-9p-16p 1ft 0.3m p-268”Note – While we suggest this brand / vendor for Bluetooth adapters and OBD2 cable, Cummins is not endorsing them.

To receive technical support, please use the e-mail address on the Contact Cummins screen or send feedback from the Settings menu. App reviews in the Google Play store are not monitored by the Cummins Technical Support team, so this not a recommended method for reporting bugs or problems.

Please note that the ELM327 adapter can only read public J1939 fault codes. It is not capable of reading proprietary fault codes.

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