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Livestreaming, breaking news notifications, and all the local news you want from CW33, NewsFix, and Eye Opener in a fast, high-performance app.
Watch and read stories at the same time -
- the video plays as you scroll. Be the first to know with breaking news alerts, and find out what's happening in your area with News Near Me.

Never miss any CW33, NewsFix, and Eye Opener news
- you can livestream our newscasts right from your phone or tablet. Save stories to read later, and share easily to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Get a head start on your day with Eye Opener traffic and weather maps. Enter our latest contests and promotions right from your phone, and catch up on all your favorite segments from CW33.

Category : News & Magazines

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Reviews (13)

cli. w. Apr 23, 2020     

Be nice if you could watch the tv station from the app

Jil. T. Feb 12, 2021     

Live to love it!! 100% free!! Buffers a bit tho but that's my only con

Abr. D. Jul 21, 2017     

Best news app ever ,I love to watch newsfix cause they show news about other things that other news don't show at all

Ale. G. Sep 3, 2015     

I enjoy my newsfix app and my CW33, I have never before had a news channel that I loved to watch! I used to suffer through the news channels that pick sides before they share the news. Not at CW33! I enjoy how they present the information so you get facts and not a biased reporter's dictation of the (at this point watered down) information. My whole household uses Newsfix and watches CW33 for our news. Thanks for the unbiased and clear information on the good and bad going on!

Ric. M. Jul 31, 2015     

Wish it Would have news alerts

Suz. C. Jul 22, 2015     

I love news fix .it tells me all the news I'm interested in. Interesting not your ordinary boring news.I WATCH EVERYDAY. AWESOME

All. F. Jul 9, 2014     

Too many bugs, many articles don't open, videos don't work... I think it will be a great app but it doesn't seem to be fully functioning by any means yet.

Chr. W. Oct 3, 2014     

I love newsfix and in fact I'm watching it now and I love it I just now wanna try the app out

ROB. E. Apr 28, 2015     

Super hero

Aus. T. Aug 24, 2013     


mel. m. Jun 5, 2016     

Best news ever!

Alo. C. May 20, 2016     


LaS. W. Dec 7, 2015     

Love it