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d20 5e Character Sheet

A D&D 5th Edition character sheet app for phones and tablets. d20 brings the pen and paper charm of Dungeons and Dragons to your mobile device.
Using d20 you can:

- Manage all of your characters stats by long pressing anywhere in the app
- Track your health and hit dice (multiclassing supported!)
- Always have quick and easy reference to attack and damage rolls
- Ability mods, saving throws, armor class, initiative, and more are all automatically calculated for you
- Manage your spells, spell slots, prepared statuses and have quick access to spell DC
- Skill proficiencies are calculated for you and are pre-selected if your class or background permits it
- Import user generated compendium files for additional races, classes, backgrounds and items
- Track character notes and backgrounds
- Create multiple characters
- and more!

Category : Role Playing

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