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Daily chumash

Daily Chumash

- Chumash Day.
- Chnaim Mikra day.
- Torah Reading.
- Search chapter.
- Search Paracha.
- Ability to view Pasuk in Hebrew, possuk in French, Pasuk with the Targum, Pasuk Taamim with Rashi in Hebrew Rashi in French.
- Ability to save settings for each menu (by section, Paracha ...).
- Application in Hebrew and French.
- The Hebrew font is not optimized to earlier versions of Android 4.4.
- Recording the last (by section, Paracha etc ...)

Category : Books & Reference

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Reviews (10)

Nos. D. Mar 29, 2020     

This is awesome! Just what I was looking for. There are other shnayim mikra apps but this is the only one I have seen with a good font and double pasuk option. Some things I would add, would be english options, and I am willing to help with that. Also an option to double bold the pasuk for shnayim mikra and maybe an option to save where one last left off.

Yit. S. Jul 24, 2019     

Stellar job! Does exactly what I need it to do. Very clear, and the settings option is wonderful. Thanks for making this great app. Much hatzlacha in your endeavors.

Riv. C. Apr 10, 2019     

Absolutely love this app! use it every day and love that I could set it to just Hebrew! thank you so much!

kot. E. Oct 27, 2019     

Amazing app for learning Chumash with Rashi commentary everywhere without any internet connection !!! Thank you !!!

Ari. W. Jun 5, 2019     

really easy to use

Ari. E. Jan 28, 2016     

Even though this app has French translations and not helpful to English speakers, the language could be easily turned off to make it only Hebrew. Also you easily turn off or on the second possuk if you only read one possuk when being maavir sedra.

Shm. W. Oct 23, 2016     

Great for reviewing the sedra. You can change the interface language from French to Hebrew and hide the French translations.

__. Apr 28, 2017     

Ok app, but I really need an English translation, please‚Äč, or at least English options.

mim. i. r. Dec 16, 2016     

Some mistakes in rashi today

Mic. G. Apr 16, 2018     

Very good app! I'm not French speaker, but all French can be removed by configuration turning this app into great Tora study eBook for all!