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Past reflections from A.A. members, for A.A. members.

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Cur. S. Jul 14, 2021     

This used to be a wonderful app. The Daily Reflections was a peaceful and quiet start to my day. I don't begrudge advertising on a free app, but they used to be visual ads with no sound. Now the ads are blaring ones for games, etc., that are impossible to mute and I have to be careful when and where I open it. Shame on you for ruining a great thing for greed.

Jas. W. Nov 6, 2019     

It's nice to have the daily reflection on me at all times BUT more than a few times the ads have disturbed the meeting I'm in. Even when my phone is on silent. Not cool AT ALL. I'm going to have to uninstall and use a physical book because of this. Not sure why you make an app that does this.

kar. h. Oct 10, 2020     

Every morning as I start to read the reflection of the day, I am always interrupted by an ad. And sometimes these ads are very hard to remove so I can get back to the reading. I have resorted going back to my actual book. I even thought I installed aversion I had to pay for that had no ads

Sve. Jun 29, 2021     

It's OK, does what it says plus advertisements. It's disruptive when a shooting game ad with sound pops up right when I am all calm and started reading the daily reflection. As a suggestion, make it a paid app for 1$ or so but ads are inappropriate for what this app is supposed to be. I'm switching to an app that doesn't use ads.

Jor. M. Mar 28, 2021     

First if all, the ads pop up randomly while reading the daily reflection. It even happens when I'm reading in an AA meeting and distracts and takes away from the flow of the meeting and can cause the message to not come thru as clearly as it could. AA is not supposed to be about ads and money it goes against the traditions. Also, I cannot find a way to change my sobriety date in the app and I've went to every possible link I can click within the app.

Dea. P. Jan 3, 2021     

Not sure what's going on, or what happened, but up until recently the notifications came at the scheduled time but have since begun to pop up repetitively regardless of the notification being dismissed or the app being opened at said time. Please fix the glitch.

Jos. L. Jun 22, 2021     

VIDEO AD EVERYTIME!!!! When you open this app it's normally first thing in the morning to start your day. At 5am my phone plays a loud video that I scramble to find the volume to shut down as it wakes everyone in the house and scares the S#!+ out of me. I don't even read the reflection because I shut my whole phone down and recover from the heart attack.

AJ. M. Jun 17, 2020     

Wish there was a paid version with no adds. And I can't figure out how to go look at one of the reflections from any day other than the current day. Fix that and I'll give your paid/add free version 5 stars. In reality they could make this app do a ton more. It could include a catalog of speakers to download, other literature to read etc... Could be better and I'd happily pay for that.

Lou. A. Jan 10, 2019     

This is the book on line. easy to use and reflect upon. The back ground images, as lovely as they are and imspiring meantvto be, can make it difficult to read. Additionally while reading the reminder to down laid just for today cones up even if you have it.

Ken. R. Oct 22, 2019     

After the update, my sobriety date is unreadable ☹ even changing the font size and uninstalling the app didnt help. Now there are ads with sounds! Even if my phone is on silent, these ads play at full volume, disturbing my meetings. Not cool. 😞

Tyl. h. Aug 2, 2021     

App is good. And I understand the add parts. But start the adds muted. Most people open this app during a meeting and it doesnt go well when someones sharing and a random phone starts talking about collecting coins or whatever the add is.

Gre. E. Sep 24, 2020     

The app has recently started playing ads with sound automatically on. I understand and can accept the need for ads, but I use this app during meetings and the sound is disruptive. I won't be using this app again.

T. A. Feb 28, 2020     

Decent app except every time you open the app the loudest most obnoxious add plays. Don't open it during a meeting to read along with the chairperson. Alcoholic folk don't like to be manipulated and I feel like this app is trying to manipulate me into purchasing the app as to avoid the loud obnoxious add every time you open it. Daily reflections 2-28.

Jos. M. Apr 2, 2020     

Very nice, very helpful. Probably dont need the ads anymore since the last update was 2017. Also gettings ads from the GoPuff app advertising 10% off alcohol deliveries sends off a bad message, Ya'll should fix that.Lol As it could be detrimental to somebody's recovery.(I took away a star after seeing that.)

Dia. F. Aug 28, 2020     

Loved this app for years. Learned to get past ads that open when swiping to the reflection. Loved that they usually didn't have sound since I meditate while others are sleeping. The ads of Joe Biden, however, not only have sound but are against the Tradition 10 which states we don't get involved in outside issues, "neither endorses nor opposes any cause". Please be mindful of this and remove political ads!!

Mik. P. Nov 1, 2018     

Sucks! Way to many adds! Get rid of the audio adds and regular adds? Just allow people to open the app, read there daily meditation, and get Inspired by it and move forward with there daily lives one day of sobriety at a time? Because all we have is 24 hours to stay sober. I know because I have 7 years sober! Suggestion please fix it?

Spe. K. Apr 14, 2021     

I love the app for the daily reflection, I hate that an ad pops up before you can read it, and I really get annoyed when that ad has sound and I'm in Mtng reading it to the group.

KEN. M. Sep 8, 2020     

I like it to start my day sober. It is free so I shouldn't complain about all the aggressive ads. Some I think inappropriate for a recovery app but I guess I should come up with some money to help the apps cause.

Lar. W. Oct 1, 2020     

This AA literature is helpful for all newcomers and old people. I highly recommend it, because it will help you reflect on the past and fill in blank spaces as you do your fourth step.

Lau. L. Sep 19, 2020     

It keeps freezing up on ads and won't let me close the ad. I've deleted and reloaded the app at least 5 times.

Jim. M. May 23, 2020     

Good app for the readings, ads are a pain and to loud. My biggest issue is that my date of sobriety is all chopped up and can't see it. Please fix this issue.

Ali. P. Oct 15, 2021     

I love this app however the ads drive me up the wall- I have deleted this&switched to the website or the book, however I don't read it in the a.m. as consistently as when the app is installed. I will gladly pay to have the ads removed.

Nic. S. Oct 24, 2020     

There is a advertisement everytime right before I read the reflection. It throws me off because it's loud and forces me to watch it. Why use the program to make money? I'm finding another app.

Col. O. Mar 10, 2021     

The notification for daily reading is not working. I have updated app. Restarted my phone. Uninstalled and re installed app and still nothing. Please fix Otherwise I love the app.

Jer. D. S. Aug 26, 2020     

Works good if you can get past the ads.had it for 2 days then it would just open up an ad it wanted me to download over and over. I uninstalled it.

Cha. Z. Jan 21, 2020     

The advertisements! When im in a meeting and trying to reference the reading, its silly to have to go thru those steps, and it stalls the meeting, and does it all over if phone goes to sleep

Ben. S. Jun 6, 2019     

The advertisements, during the quiet time in the morning adds would pop up. What made me uninstall this app was the loud advertisement. Your sitting there thinking about what you read and then a guy talking about an insurance company.

Dar. L. Feb 13, 2020     

I love this app I wake up early between 4-5 a.m. and read daily reflections soon as I remember to read this mediation of the day. Thank you for a great app. I got pro my favorite mediation book

Jim. M. Apr 21, 2019     

It would be nice if you could bookmark and save favorites. I downloaded the NA ap but the ad still pops up EVERY day. I would be willing to pay for a better version.

Gar. O. Feb 2, 2020     

The app is great to reflect on 1st thing in the morning like most alcoholics do before they start their day. For those who are complaining about ads and depending on this app in a meeting shouldn't even have this app. You should have ur Big Book and should know readings from that already if your are truly an alcoholic.