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Darby Bible Offline Version (pro)

The Darby Bible is one of the versions that you should acquire on your gadget for God’s Word daily. First published by John Nelson Darby in 1890, his purpose for the translation was to help beginners and student of God’s Word to understand the Bible easily through the use of modern English words especially those without training and knowledge of deeper studies of the Scriptures. This is beneficial for personal study and usage.

Some of the features of the Darby Bible App include:
• A user friendly interface which is easy to select and find Old and New Testament books, chapters and verses. There are also options for full-screen and night mode. You can select full screen for easy reading and night mode which is best to use when reading the Scriptures during night time.
• Darby Bible app also includes daily bible verses to encourage and feed you of God’s Word. You can also opt to share the bible verse for the day to share the Word of God to your family and friends in Facebook, Gmail, Message Text, etc.
• There are also Topical bible verses for you to easily find Scriptures pertaining to the topic you desire to know such as Hope, Love, Peace, Praise, Adversity, Comfort, Time, and more.
• You can also organize your study of God’s Word through bookmarks, notes and highlights. You can see all the list of your notes, highlighted and bookmarked Scriptures in separate categories which makes it easier for you to back track your selected Scriptures.
• You also don’t need to worry about your app settings, notes, highlighted and bookmarked Scriptures, because the Darby Bible App has the option to create a back-up file of your data in your phone or SD card memory.

Moreover, the Darby Bible App can also be optimized on bigger screen resolution which is beneficial for those who want to read on bigger screen.

Download the Darby Bible App now and be filled with the Holy Spirit through the Word of God daily.

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