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Dark Reaper Shoots!

SummerTimeStudio Vol.9!
The Japanese/Okinawan tablet and mobile device developer would like to present to you a 3rd person 360 degree shooting game, “Dark Reaper Shoots!”. This game features the cute reaper with the dream of one day becoming an angel.

Travel through 7 worlds with a total of 100 stages, more than 10,000 different kinds of possible character customization, and a number of perks for you to learn and discover.

You can battle enemies with beautiful graphics side-by-side with your trusty friend, GowGow.


Assistive Game Play:We have included auto-aim and other assistive features to help you get used to the game even if action games are not your thing.To attack it is easy as tapping an icon on a screen. Literally.

Engaging:This game features 7 worlds and 100 stages each with its very own set of graphics and features starting from hell to heaven.

Customization:More than 10,000 character customization possibilities are possible within the game. Equipment include Masks, Robes, Blades, and Handles (which also changes GowGow’s appearance!).

GowGow:GowGow is a brave partner who fights along your side. As your character gets stronger, GowGow also gets stronger! Best part about it is, it is invincible.

Skills:Over 50 different perks are obtainable within the game.

Equipment:Equipment can be made by using “souls” or by collecting “materials” that are dropped by your enemies in battle.

Hints:-Run around the stage and find vantage points.-Use GowGow’s attacks to your advantage.

Compatible for:Galaxy S2 and AboveAndroid 4.2 and Above

Category : Arcade

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