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DCraw mobile

This decoder allows true development in full resolution of raw photos.
A lot of formats are supported:
- Nikon .NEF .NRW
- Canon .CRW .CR2
- Pentax .PEF
- Sony .ARW
- Samsung .SRW
- Fuji .RAF
- Olympus .ORF
- Panasonic .RW2 .RAW
- DNG written by several DSLR and also smartphones! ( Nexus5/6 )(for a complete list see dcraw web site: more than 600 cameras supported!)

DCraw functions:1) simple and fast thumbnail extraction.2) standard TIFF (8 and 16bits), but to see output you need an external viewer.3) standard JPEG output, with quality parameter.Almost all parameters of original dcraw are exported.

DCraw mobile is a transposition of the utility for PC developed by Dave Coffin with an added GUI and few enhancements.Please note: decoding process is an intensive task!It can take several seconds to complete depending on the device speed.

Category : Photography

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