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DCraw mobile

This decoder allows true development in full resolution of raw photos.
A lot of formats are supported:
- Nikon .NEF .NRW
- Canon .CRW .CR2
- Pentax .PEF
- Sony .ARW
- Samsung .SRW
- Fuji .RAF
- Olympus .ORF
- Panasonic .RW2 .RAW
- DNG written by several DSLR and also smartphones! ( Nexus5/6 )(for a complete list see dcraw web site: more than 600 cameras supported!)

DCraw functions:1) simple and fast thumbnail extraction.2) standard TIFF (8 and 16bits), but to see output you need an external viewer.3) standard JPEG output, with quality parameter.Almost all parameters of original dcraw are exported.

DCraw mobile is a transposition of the utility for PC developed by Dave Coffin with an added GUI and few enhancements.Please note: decoding process is an intensive task!It can take several seconds to complete depending on the device speed.

Category : Photography

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Reviews (25)

Sna. A. Sep 25, 2018     

This app is very useful for a quick convert to jpeg but definitely not when you need them to be your final quality. I definitely notice my shots are distorted in jpeg format after convert. The editor does take it into its own to determine exactly the conversion but darkening or saturation adjustments can happen if you don't pay attention

Ste. D. Jul 7, 2019     

Free DCRAW = BEST REAL Proprietary RAW to TIFF CONVERTER in the MOBILE APP WORLD! New Canon RAW CR3 Support = unavailable; users can still enjoy conversion of older Canon RAW CR2, Sony ARW, Nikon NEF, Fujifilm RAF, etc. Users can properly VIEW+EDIT TIFFs (FULL RAW RESOLUTION) in Free MOBILE Android version of Adobe LIGHTROOM (all versions). Inexperienced users viewing RAW TIFFs in Lightroom, must realize any underexposed image will be NOISY because NO noise reduction applied to original RAW, ok?

har. v. Oct 31, 2019     

Ad free , simple, fast convertor. No other loopholes.

Ron. D. Oct 8, 2018     

This is as worthless an app as ever I have seen. It was a complete waste of my time to install it.

San. B. Apr 9, 2019     

a tutorial should be there

Tug. U. Feb 10, 2018     

Only leaving negative so you can please add sd card support. I plug my mem card via otg but cant access it.

A. G. u. Sep 16, 2017     

Thank you guys..that's the app..what I actually needed..!

Vip. T. Dec 11, 2017     

It works .

A. G. u. Apr 19, 2017     

This is a nice app for converting raw files or extracting embedded images out of raw files. Many other apps do not allow you to chose between converting and extracting. It's also able to input files directly from an external memory card reader (using an OTG cable) without copying the raw files into the precious phone memory first. The restriction I see is that it can only output files to the internal memory. I would like to see the user can decide where to place the output files (ie. micro-SD card). The user interface is also a bit rough. Hopefully, the developer will continue to improve the usability of this nice little tool. ...... Update: After EMUI 5.0 (Android 7) update, the APP can no longer open the USB connected OTG card reader. I can still use file explorer to copy the raw files from the card reader but it's less convenient.

Ric. C. Feb 7, 2017     

Beautifully simple app that that does exactly what I want. Shoot in raw NEF on a Nikon but need a way to share the jpegs? Look no further. This app will extract the full resolution preview saved within the NEF and is super fast because there is no processing involved. I did over 500 10MB NEFs in less than 3 minutes! Superb, thanks so much. Twinned with X-plore or any other backup app you'll be laughing all the way to social media.

Rev. S. Dec 30, 2016     

Has a full range of conversion options. Does batching and supports external drives. It is quick and has no ads. What more could you want! Just one thing, the ability to select the output destination. Easily deserves five stars.

Alb. T. Sep 18, 2016     

This doesn't seem to take into the camera lens profile into the process to sort out lens distortion yet. Needed for the RX100 series raws, otherwise all photos are distorted in JPEG.

Jes. G. Nov 27, 2016     

Great quality photos can be produced. With a little tweaking you can get better than any other processor. Please add a send to function so I can send my photo to Dcraw from the photo browser.

Uma. R. Y. Jan 19, 2017     

Its a good app for converting pictures like NEF files but the pictures quality is a little bit low after converting.

Shu. T. Apr 12, 2017     

Simply AWESOME is what i think would suit this app! Good job!

Chr. E. Nov 18, 2016     

Allows me to process my Panasonic RAW files to good jpg that can be used in Snapseed

Dee. K. Feb 28, 2017     


Cup. a. M. C. Feb 8, 2017     

This is the best raw converter! Easy and free! Love it!

Sru. R. Feb 10, 2017     

Easiest app to convert raw files to jpeg..

Mal. M. Jan 19, 2017     

When i choose raw photo, it bounce back to main screen...help me to fix it. TQ

Jos. N. Jun 26, 2017     

Best upload raw pics ever

Şəh. C. Q. Jan 31, 2017     

Brilliant app! NEF to JPEG

Chr. M. Jun 30, 2017     

How can I get it to access the files on my sd card where I store them? The file system only seems to display internal storage.

lk. s. Jan 30, 2016     

There should be an option for multi selection plz guys make it possible

Ant. A. Sep 6, 2016     

The only raw converter that works for me. Thank you!