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The DD News APP is the Mobile Application for the DD News Channel which is the only terrestrial cum satellite News Channel of the country. The Application Aim to provide the live streaming, News feeds, Top videos . The News Channel of India's Public Service Broadcaster has been successfully discharging its responsibility to give balanced, fair and accurate news without sensationalizing as well as by carrying different shades of opinion. DD-News channel was launched on 3 November 2003 by converting DD-Metro into a 24-hours news channel.
DD News is currently producing news content in Hindi, English, Urdu and Sanskrit languages. Over 17 hours of LIVE transmission include telecast of more than 30 news bulletins in these languages.

The channel also telecast daily three sports bulletins, one business show, daily current affairs programme. Special shows on Health, Youth issues, Cinema, Art & Culture, flagships schemes, communal harmony, employment opportunities, international events, market developments etc are produced in-house by the News Channel.

The news channel is also scrolling news round the clock in Hindi & English

Features of the APP:Live streaming of DD News Top videos News feed  

Please send us your suggestions and feedback to developer@apprikart.com

Please note: that the app works on 2G, 3G, 4G and WIFI connectivity but the quality of video and audio depends on the bandwidth available.

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Reviews (30)

May. G. Mar 3, 2020     

A few bugs here and there, otherwise its a really nice app. The two main problems that I see are - 1. If you pause live radio, and resume after some time, it plays for one or two minutes and then stops. Seems like some issue with buffering. 2. When live radio is paused, if a notification alert comes on the phone, the radio resumes playing automatically. This should not happen. If these issues are taken care of, it would become a great app. Good work. Keep it up!

Abh. S. Nov 24, 2019     

Great application..offering a wide variety of services at one go. DD news team is doing a fantastic job covering live news from all the parts of the globe simultaneously.. just keep on updating the app whenever possible to remove some technical glitches and make it more reliable (Some parts of science scan didn't play well). Once again a big thumbs up to all those who were involved in development of this app.

Pra. F. K. Oct 16, 2019     

DD News is the purest form of News we have. Its a sourse of information. The new Interface is very different from the last one. Though the new version has good features that are working. The previous interface was much elegant than this one. MOREOVER we had an option of tagging the news by selecting the favorite symbol. That was a personal GK liberary. Sad its lost in the new update. Feel to roll back to the previous version.

Sac. P. Jan 14, 2022     

App is best design. But only one issue I observed is that when we receive on mobile notifications appes voice become low which not increase after that. Need to work on it.

Bid. S. Dec 22, 2019     

The new features providing news by sections is good. Providing links to various video news is also better. However ,news of past days cannot be retrieved unlike in old version. The new app doesn't hang while opening.all features are good,except the news of past 4-5 days cannot be found and this is very saddening,especially to people like me who miss to read news regularly. Hopeful that developer team will address this issue too.

paw. r. Jun 27, 2019     

only important news are posted( no unuseful news like other news channels) without any other adds and links. Only news are written in page after opening any news and no other links are availble inside. so pages are clear only for that particular news. Most important very useful for our coming competitions exams. Billungal language is also the good functions for this app. Please don't change your current criteria for posting news. thanks.

Sha. G. Oct 8, 2019     

One of the useful apps I have come across.. informative, user-friendly, variety of channels available depending of individual's taste, live news in different languages, works in lockscreen . You don't need another news/radio app when you have DDN. Can't expect more...

May. S. May 11, 2020     

There is a bug in this app. When I close the app. The radio player from notifications bar doesn't vanish. Its an error. Tried multiple times. Try playing a radio channel and you wont be able to swipe the player from notification panel even when you exit the app.

Atu. S. Jan 12, 2020     

Used to be one of the best apps. But this new changed interface is absolutely horrible. You could have refined the old interface and corrected its bugs. Why choose to create new interface which is way worse than old one?? Absolutely unable to understand this.

Aks. L. Apr 29, 2019     

Very Good App. Good font makes it more readable. Live News in the same app makes it very useful. No other News app needed. But improvement needed in the Live News section, problem while minimizing the video screen.

Raj. M. May 25, 2020     

The most impressive thing about this app is ad-free. I have read many medias' news but almost every app has annoying ads. This one is an exception though. Thus, I am rating it 5/5.

Sub. K. Apr 16, 2020     

Awesome Radio app. Most reliable app for listening up-to-date national news. But sometimes app is crashing like delay in providing timely news. Pls fix that raised issue immediately. Highly recommendable app.

Som. C. Nov 12, 2019     

Just download and enjoy the vast features that to ad free.. podcast(supports background) 👌, tweets, news both audio & video 'Live' special talk, weekly talk, National news, Regional news,Tv shows,programs and music much more.. really this type of pin to pin precision to makes the app user friendly with those much features shows the hard work behind making this app.. 🙏 lots of respect and love to #DD_NETWORK

Rit. K. Feb 5, 2022     

App is very good. But no photo is showing with news from some days. In past the titled based photo was shown. Kindly rectify the problem.

Sag. S. Oct 13, 2018     

What the hell is with live audio in new update...can u fix it.. live video streaming is best but audio is not working at all in new update. Earlier it was too good.kindly fix it asap rest all things are 5 star... everyone ( i too )will give 5 star if live audio start working. Thnkyou..

Aja. P. May 10, 2021     

I am really happy with the layout and the accurate information but also disappointed with your app as I believe there is a glitch in the application as when I open the app...I can only see tabs like Top News, National, etc but with a blank white window.....Can you please resolve this to make it a more reliable and user friendly news app.

Mur. R. Aug 7, 2021     

Very good app and do not have any unnecessary news. It will be bettér if it covers all regional news based on the language selected and frequent update of news as because I could see that last updated was 14 hours ago which is very long have the very recently updated news

Sat. M. S. Aug 20, 2020     

A really good application which has several things in it. Apart from the news and latest updates, it also has radio, documentaries etc.

Kun. T. Jun 26, 2021     

Can't see news feed . Very slow User interface. Responding very slow . Live tv & radio experience is great. I like to watch dd news, so I downloaded app but got disappointed. :( Please work on this !

Sun. K. R. Feb 19, 2020     

This App is very good for all radio and DD news, but it stops when you lock the phone, while listening to radio. This bug should be corrected.

Raj. G. B. Jul 19, 2020     

There are only 8-10 news items daily, of which 1 or 2 are repeated on the same page. Very old items, as old as 7 days, continue to be shown. This is not proper.

NAS. E. Nov 2, 2019     

There is no autoconnect (auto play) facility of the given AIR Radio channel after break down the internet connection... Please solve this technical issue as soon... We are facing this problem while hearing the all live Channel of AIR through this app...

Shr. K. Apr 24, 2019     

This app is worth a shot if you're tired of click baits, propanda and skewed opinions. It is a bit slower than toilet papers of the world, but hey who needs to respond in real-time to each and every little activity happening in the country/world!

lal. k. Sep 22, 2020     

Its best platform for important information specially for students..but i will suggest include some more audio interview which are inspiring ,motivating, spiritual, it hasn't been updated since a long time...it has old audios.. please include new ones ...

sus. t. Jan 8, 2022     

Important videos like big picture, in depth are yet to be updated with recent ones. These channels are important for psc aspirants.

Apa. T. Jan 13, 2022     

Best app in the market for the news update and air channels are best and news on DD is without mirch masala so one can form it's own view . And pin point news and it enhances your knowledge as well by elite and class programs . I deleted all other news channel app . DD news has English news bulletin as well . 👍 Grat in toto!

Ab. B. Dec 18, 2021     

Images aren't shown in any news articles on POCO F1 India edition. App should be updated regularly to fix such issues on different devices.

sar. Y. Dec 30, 2021     

Everything is perfect but only issue is that .. I don't know why the images are not shown now??...Pls fix it out...

Rah. B. Jan 29, 2019     

Very good UI, flawless, easy to read, rarely see any ads. Very gpod job considering it's an app from a government institution.

raj. m. Feb 16, 2022     

Photos are not coming with news story makes it boring in nowdays. Sometimes also get stopped .pls rectify the issue and do updates to make it better