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Deeper - Smart Fishfinder

The sonar function on this app works only in conjunction with a Deeper
- Smart Fishfinder electronic device. The other features are available without a Deeper.
The Deeper – Smart Fishfinder is a first-of-its-kind portable wireless fish finder especially designed for amateur and professional fishermen alike. When you are fishing it enables you to find out the location of fish, plus the depth, water temperature, bottom contour and much more.It is the first Smart Fishfinder in the world that works in conjunction with your Android device. It can be used for sea, river or lake fishing; in salt or fresh water; in summer or winter. Using amazing and innovative technology, the Deeper Smart Fishfinder is the ideal tool to improve your fishing experience.The Deeper
- Smart Fishfinder app provides you with a detailed fish activity calendar based on solunar forecast data, an integrated camera function, up-to-date weather reports, a customized fishing log, and an integrated map function. Plus it is fully integrated within social media networks, so you can share your fishing stories and pictures quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

* Fishing activity calendar:
* By Month / Week / Day / Hour.
* Fishing weather forecast (Global):
* Temperature / High / Low;
* Wind Speed;
* Humidity;
* Pressure;
* Sun set / Sun rise;
* Moon set / Moon rise.
* Fishing log:
* Title;
* Data time.
* GPS coordinates:
* Description;
* Weather info.
* Fishing map:
* Shop;
* Fishing spot;
* Wharf;
* Parking;
* Picnic area;
* Rentals;
* Weather;
* Info.
* Info sharing on social networks:
* Facebook;
* Twitter;
* Google Plus.
* App settings:
* Units: Metric / Imperial / Fathoms;
* Frequency: 290 kHz / 90 khz;
* Depth Alarms: On / Off;
* Fish Alarm: On / Off;
* Fish Depth: On / Off;
* Data History: 5min / 10min / 15 min;
* Brightness: 10 – 100 %;
* Backup: Import from Google Drive / Export to Google Drive.

This app is the perfect planning tool for outdoor activities. Now there’s no need for any excuses. Know when to fish, know where to fish, find out where the fish are hiding, catch them, photograph them, and tell the world about it.You must download the application in order to use the gadget, but all other features of the app can be used even without the Deeper and for free.Start fishing the smart way!

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