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Deer Grunt and Bleat Call

Ever been sitting in your stand and wish you didn't have to keep fumbling around for your deer call? Well lets simplify it a little!
Deer Grunt and Bleat Call is an app that brings the most common deer calls to your android device. With Deer Grunt and Bleat Call app you can simply press a button and hear everything from a buck grunt to a bellow. Use the Deer Calling Tips chart to find out when and how to use each call as well.


It is important to note that using electronic game calls may be illegal in some areas. Please check local laws first.

Category : Sports

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Reviews (3)

A. G. u. Sep 11, 2017     

Downloaded, installed, no problems. 1st time I tried this app, a doe and two "skippers" came flying down the hill, through the woods, to about 15 feet from me, stopped, sniffed and looked around until they finally spotted me leaned up against a tree, then trotted back up the hill. Just at dusk, 3 minutes before the end of legal shooting for the day, the "Buck Bawl" brought a buck about 50 yards from me, but behind a thick hemlock. I saw horn but no clear shot. I'd have worked a few other calls but it was too late or cutting the thin edge, no clear shot and I won't shoot without a clear kill shot and sure it is still legal shooting. I'd not even thought about using the app on the phone as an illegal electronic call. Just had not crossed my mind as it was not some device I went and bought to "call in" deer (sorry for the pun). I told a friend about it and he told me it was considered an illegal electronic call in my state. Oh well, I have not used it again, but can attest that it really works, even at the volume of my cell phone that was not even turned on its highest volume. If legal in your state/locale, you won't be disappointed. I will use where legal.

Kel. S. Nov 26, 2017     

The app went blank as soon as I clicked on deer calls

Geo. H. Oct 28, 2015     

Won't download