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Deer Hunting 2017

It's open season join the deer hunt today!
Wild Deer Hunting Challenge is most attractive and amazing 3D action game with full of adventure in the most realistic 3D environment with realistic jungle trees, mountain, water lakes and grass etc.

If you want to know the hunting thrill in jungle then must play this game.In this game the jungle graphic used for your children entertainment

Deer hunting is a hobby and a hobby of wealthy people, so, let's try to have fun to hunt wild deer but more you need to be attentive and expert in using your sniper gun. You have the only gun with scope to shoot deer.Keep your eyes open to find deer. Do not waste your time; Just Do It. And get your best shot. The dear will run away after hearing the fire so be careful and aim the head and don't allow the dear to run into the woods. Try to complete the levels and unlock the sniper weapons to shoot with ease. Difficulty increases with the increasing levels, Last level is the most challenging level where you have to kill the running deers and have to target the headshot or else the deer will run away. Test your sniping skills and have fun.

- Unlimited ammo
- The natural sounds of deer and bullet
- Best ever graphics and background
- 10 3D levels of ultimate fun and excellent 3D environments.
- 3D first person shooting game.
- Best 3D graphics or jungle.
- No connectivity required while playing.
- The natural sounds of deer and fire.
- Best sniper gun for accurate shooting.
- Real 3D deers with best animations.

How to play:

- Hunting the deer and aim the head.
- If you miss your shot the dear will run away and you will be a looser.
- Unlock the sniper gun for the best shot.
* When you finish the first level then you unlock the next adventurous missions.

Category : Action

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Reviews (30)

A. G. u. Dec 19, 2017     

Wow wild deers run very fast. Good game controls and graphics loving it. Recommended for hunting lovers.

Cha. m. Mar 18, 2017     

horrible graphics it's a copy of deer hunter 2017 from glu but 10x worse, you can't aim or anything with a shotgun there is an ad before the game ever starts and the weapon graphics are really bad and physics

Nid. H. Mar 4, 2017     

Love to hunt those running deers. Best update ☺

jor. t. Feb 22, 2017     

U are the worst at making this game for one reason it didn't work for me

A. G. u. Feb 10, 2017     

Its good but it took 35 minutes before i could even play it and 4 ads before i got to even play it

gab. k. Feb 18, 2017     

It a wannabe copy

She. T. Jan 24, 2017     

Loved it Excellent update 6 diff animals hunt in a single game :)

muh. u. l. Jan 23, 2017     

Awesome graphics,SFX and music. Great game logic as well,love the shot location and sound effects . recommend to play ....

Eri. K. Dec 31, 2016     

It takes forever to load and I had an add before I could even play

oba. k. Jan 19, 2017     

Excellent game,i recommend u guys to play.graphical work is just awesome.a real 3D

Lee. D. Dec 29, 2016     

4 ads in 2 mins, & 1 was before the game even started. UNINSTALLING,

A. G. u. Jan 17, 2017     

Great job guys best hunting game...recommended

A. G. u. Jan 16, 2017     

Its awsome game

A. G. u. Nov 22, 2016     

wow, real sniper show. dear hunting 2017, its highly recommended

Kar. G. Dec 21, 2016     

Too many adds slower than s

cra. Nov 9, 2016     

It sucks completely

Xav. D. Oct 16, 2016     

Loved it

A. G. u. Jan 13, 2017     

First seeing the bad comments i decided not to download this game, but playing other games, i was fed up. Then i tried this game, seriously it got me entertained. I am enjoying this one more than others.. Good among others..

Md. K. Nov 7, 2016     

The way the bullet goes in slow motion when hit at the head, loved it. Awesome scene. And game play is no doubt very addictive. Some deer are tricky to take down, but its Addictive. I recommend this game.

Has. Z. Jan 15, 2017     

Wow, its too tough after level 5. But its really interesting. Need more levels.

Muh. U. Jan 16, 2017     

The graphics are so real...... Fall in love and feel like geeting addicted to it

Wal. K. Nov 20, 2016     

I love it, slow motion movement of bullet, very nice.. It's good time pass... I recommend it.

Ell. A. Feb 7, 2017     

You know I like it......................but I don't! So here's what you guys can improve on: less adds,maybe more accurate targets,and maybe you could stick more amo in the guns😕....................here's some things I like about it: the deer seem so realistic,also the background really camouflages the deer so it makes the game harder😃 thank you even if you don't get a chance to read this comment....or if you do I hope you like my advice! I have a tablet not a phone and im in fifth grade.

aas. m. Nov 22, 2016     

Loved it. Amazing game play with awesome graphics and controls. It's highly recommended.

Raf. B. Jan 18, 2017     

I certify that it is the next level game and i recommend it to all. Do install this game and enjoy it till the end.

A. G. u. Nov 7, 2016     

Excellent game play and 3D graphics highly recommended

Qua. J. Oct 30, 2016     

Really goods graphics I love it good job

rac. B. Jan 8, 2017     

This game has amazing guns

mud. a. Jan 21, 2017     

A perfect app for leisure time.. I like it as its very user friendly..

Tai. A. Jan 16, 2017     

Best hunting game highly recommended