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Deer Hunting Calls

Deer Hunting Calls is designed specifically for deer hunters. Join the elite league of predators and become one of the arcane legends by using calling tactics from variety of all deer calls. An ideal sounds partner for all novice & experienced deer hunters. Select from range of contact calls, grunt calls, lost calls and mating calls etc.All sounds have been optimized for maximum volume and sound quality without distortion to provide an optimum deer hunting experience. To increase the range beyond your android device's capabilities, use an external amplified speaker (use carefully, since calling too loud can be interpreted by deer as yelling!) An on-screen quick reference guide is provided with each deer call with quick, easy to read instructions for each call's optimum frequency and time of use during pre-rut, rut, and post rut. Novice or expert, the Deer Hunting Calls lets you make the right call at the right time, every time.

• Huge selection of hunting sounds to choose from.

• High quality calls with no audio noise.

• Simple yet intuitive UI with hunting call volume slider available throughout the android app.

• Details on how to use any hunting call in a given scenario.

• Comprehensive tactics and training guide included.


• Contact Call

• Doe Grunt

• Doe Bleat

• Doe Warning Cough

• Buck Grunt

• Buck Dominant Grunt

• Buck Bawl

• Buck Snort

• Buck Fighting

• Breeding Bellow

• Estrus Bleat

• Tending Grunts

• Ragen Grunts

• Sparring

• Fawn Distress

• Hunt Fawn

• Fawn Bleat

• Bleat

• Wheeze

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Reviews (27)

San. G. Mar 10, 2018     

Awesome app if you can get rid of the ad pop ups. They play when your trying to play a sound. Get rid of the ad pop ups and this would be the ultimate app. for hunting.

Cha. C. Nov 15, 2015     

I would have given this app 5 stars if it were available for pay, ad free.

Tim. M. Nov 15, 2015     

Way to many ads you need to click out of.makes the app impossible to use.

Dan. M. Nov 26, 2015     

Ads pop up immediately after hitting a call. No one wants to hear an advertisement for boom beach broadcasted through the woods. Programmer was an idiot!

Mar. W. Dec 10, 2016     

I mostly use bleet #3 called in at least a dozen deer with it including a stud this year that's going on wall !

RHD. O. Nov 25, 2015     

I had a previous version of this app and it was great. Now, every time you play a call, an annoying ad pops up!

sli. s. Nov 13, 2015     

Used this for first time on {11/10/2015} had bucks MATURE BIG BUCKS walking so close I had to scare thm off..worried might get TO CLOSE..they ran I hit it again n they came right back..bow season whr I live...WISH I HAD A BOW LOL

The. R. F. Nov 17, 2015     

I would give 5 star if ad free

Jos. M. Sep 11, 2016     

Pointless to use in the field . Half the calls have loud ass ads ..lol. crappy app..

A. G. u. Nov 16, 2015     

The ads were so annoying I had to uninstall.

Hen. P. Nov 19, 2015     

Deer hunting calls. Awesome applications.

Mik. B. Nov 6, 2017     

Ads pop up after every call.

A. G. u. Dec 5, 2016     

To many ads one after every call

Jam. F. Sep 29, 2016     

Why the hell would you let you advertisers play sounds on your application?!?!! I hit a call button and music starts playing! I'm trying to call in a deer! I'm not trying to call in consumers! Fix this!

Sta. W. Nov 19, 2017     

I think this would be a good game to play. 😍😘😉

Sta. R. Oct 20, 2015     

I like how it gives you instructions. It has different call's and they are very life like. So much so it called in my big 4 point buck within ten yards of my stand last year.

Mat. C. Nov 3, 2015     

but then he ran away

Mat. S. Oct 28, 2015     

I like this app but I think it should have a stop button.

Nic. A. Nov 3, 2015     

Too many ads that cover screen.

Cly. R. Nov 25, 2015     

Too many adds and not loud enough even turn to max. Deleted using better one less adds.

Zan. K. Nov 19, 2015     

Pops up an add as soon as you select a call, not after it, mid way through a deer call, what a piece of junk. Couldnt fathom how this has any downloads at all.

bri. w. Nov 22, 2015     

The ads pop up after a call. I want to be able to do 2 consecutive calls but have to waste time closing adds. There are better apps out there.

Jef. K. Nov 24, 2015     

The ads are crazy every sound you click a dam ad pop up don't waste time with this app

Wil. R. Nov 9, 2016     

Can't use this in the woods !

Qui. L. Oct 29, 2016     

I thought it was a deer shooting game but noooooooooo booooooooooooooo I HATE IT!

A. G. u. Sep 25, 2016     

Loved it so much

Bra. M. Oct 10, 2015     

I love it