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Device Info Live WallPaper

Device Info Live Wallpaper will indicate various device information of your phone in a cool way,snappily!
Below is the information which will be shown.

-Date/Time(Digital clock)-CPU Usage(with history)-Battery remain/temperature/voltage-RAM Usage-Internal Memory Usage-External Memory Usage(SD-Card)-Tilt-Compass-Network connection state-Wifi setting information-CPU spec-Device basic information-Platform informationThis LWP was also designed with consideration for the low-power consumption.please enjoy!Go to menu(home) -> wallpaper -> live wallpaper -> Device Info to view this wallpaper.Device Info Ex Version can customize more as below.-Background Color(Blue/Red/Green/Pink/Orange/Monochrome/Sepia)-Brightness of background-Text color-Animation speed(Smooth/Standard/Battery efficient)-12 hour display(Clock)-Show the second or not(Clock)-Reverse day and month(Clock)-Be able to choose the information to be displayed-Scroll left and right for providing blank pages for your widgets-Be able to move each information stat frame.-Fix a layout(Lock the position) or not-Be able to select 'Celsius' or 'Fahrenheit' for battery temperature.-Refresh Interval(CPU/Battery/Memory&Storage)

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