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Dice Roller 3D Free

Dice Roller 3D tries to avoid the coldness of random number generators and simulates the thrill of the roll.
You can choose the amount of dice and the dice type to roll. When you throw them, they are given each a random starting rotation and location, and also a random initial forward and rotational force. The camera follows them as they tumble, and zooms in when they stop. The individual results and the total sum are also displayed, for the cases when you throw a lot of dice and the screen doesn't have enough resolution to see the side numbers of all of them clearly.

There are a number of skin presets for the dice, and you can create and save your own, choosing among several materials for the dice (gem-like, metal, wood, stone,...) and various types of numbers and decorations (modern, medieval, magical runes...). Each material and type of number can also have any color you want.

This free version shows ads in the settings screen 1 in 4 times that is opened. The ads are never shown in the rolling screen.

Category : Entertainment

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