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You can use the Digidentity app in combination with your Digidentity account. Use ’Secure my account' to add an extra security layer to your account: a two-factor authentication. You will be able to log in with this time-based code together with your username and password. You can always use this, even without an internet or phone connection. The time-based codes are stored under ‘My authenticators'.
With ‘Upload documents' you can upload your identity documents to identify yourself during registration. You’ll be asked to take a picture of your document and of yourself with the camera on your phone.

To add an even higher level of security to your account, you can create a smart card. To do so, you will be asked to create a PIN code. Every time you sign in to your account you will get a notification on your device with the request to enter this PIN code.

About Digidentity Since 2008 we are an online identity provider for Internet users. We value privacy as no other can. We call this ‘privacy by design’. This inspires confidence. Check our track record: we are at the core of eHerkenning and GOV.UK Verify (British DigID) and for both of these systems we are a ‘trusted network preferred supplier’.

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