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Discovery Agents

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Discovery Agents (formerly Agents of Discovery) is an app you play outdoors at participating Mission Sites to complete secret agent missions! Download the app and download your mission BEFORE heading to a Mission Site, so you can play Discovery Agents without WiFi or data connection.
There are Mission Sites all over North America including Alberta, California, Texas, Kentucky, Washington, Washington, D.C., and Wisconsin! Can’t find a Mission Site near you? Fear not! More Mission Sites are on the way!

This app puts users into the world of Discovery Agents, a top-secret intelligence agency dedicated to solving the greatest mysteries of science, culture, technology and nature.

Why are bumblebees fuzzy? Why do beavers build dams? What’s the deal with metamorphosis? And how do you even pronounce metamorphosis? How do you change the world?

Here’s how it works:

1) Download the app, create an Agent profile, and complete the tutorial.

2) Pick a Mission Site in your area. Download the mission BEFORE heading to the Mission Site, so you can play the game without WiFi or data connection.

3) Use your secret agent tools to find and unlock challenges.

4) Solve these challenges to build your real-world outdoor skills, collect coins, earn rewards, and solve the Mysteries of Nature! And meet some interesting characters along the way.

Note: Each mission must be downloaded onto your phone before you can play. The missions are free to download but you will need a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection, so download the game at home or at school before heading to a Mission Site. Once you have the mission site downloaded you can play the game while offline.

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