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Dish Install, Pointer & Align

Dish alignment, pointing and Installation has always been a complicated task, especially if you do not have a clue. That is why I posted this application that will simplify this task and allow you to install and align your antenna or satellite dish without the need to call a specialist.
SatCatcher is a satellite finder and dish pointer, it allows you to orient your antenna to any satellite. Using augmented reality, this application displays the target satellite in space to better choose the location of your antenna or satellite dish and ensure the absence of any obstacle (wall, tree ...).SatCatcher also uses your phone GPS to show your location on a map and shows the direction of the satellite from your position.The compass accompanied by a beep lets you orient your antenna or satellite dish following the acceleration of beeps or the arrow of the compass.The accelerometer is used to verify that the holder of your antenna is vertical.

The antenna or satellite dish adjustment steps:1
- choose a satellite and authorize geolocation to determine the direction of the antenna orientation.2
- Show satellite in augmented reality with your camera and make sure there are no obstacles and validate the location of your antenna.3. Check that the support of your antenna is vertical.4. Calculate the polarization and adjust the rotation of the LNB (the head of your antenna)5. Set the elevation6
- Search orientation with visual and sound assistant7
- Fine adjustments.

For the good functioning of the application, SatCatcher will need the camera, compass, gyroscope, accelerometer and the GPS of your smartphone.

- If your smartphone does not have GPS, you can manually move the "marker" on the card until it points your exact location. Use zoom for more detail.
- The compass is very important to adjust your dish, but if your smartphone does not have one, you can still use the application. In this case, it will help you to find clues and marks on the map from your location. It also allows you to calculate the orientation. Than you can use a manual compass to get a good orientation.
- Do not hesitate to recalibrate the compass and avoid too close to the antenna arm, because it is sensitive to metallic elements. Try to place your smartphone where there is less magnetic interference.

SatCatcher Free is the lite version of SatCatcher.Augmented reality and compass orientation are only available in the full version here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.InfoSoftyContact.SatCatcherEn

Contact : infosoftycontactfree@gmail.com

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Reviews (30)

Wen. M. May 4, 2022     

It seem to be good and working but am not happy with payment options before using some features before trial.

Pam. P. Apr 22, 2019     

after severe storm, we lost satellite signal. still unable to get all channels, but explains what things are, how to do it. with the help of this app. we can get locals plus a few more!

Mic. S. B. Jan 22, 2020     

This is by far the best approach forgetting through three angles needed for freesat and sky, I have tried loads of other apps to do this but none were as good as this satalite capture. It is simply thr best app. Brilliant.

Pau. A. May 12, 2020     

Absolutely useless app. You need the professional version to be able to do anything. I cannot see how this would help anybody to align a dish.

Joo. Jan 28, 2020     

Existing version on Phone stops. Renewing not possible. Uninstalled. After down loading new version it's working Oké.

And. S. Jul 7, 2019     

Downloaded app to prove myself right. The dish installation expert needs to get better training. Dish isn't even close to being on point.

Joh. P. Jun 14, 2020     

Wow that worked great, the only thing that may help is if it would tell you the tilt angle you need for your satellite.

A. G. u. Jan 29, 2019     

good apps no doubt. but not easy without the knowledge of satelite locations. it should have a help menu in this regard.

Mik. C. Sep 10, 2021     

Good app and informative even though I did not have an appropriate smartphone to take full advantage. Thanks.

Aki. O. Mar 17, 2020     

Good app, I have not really put it to use but I believe it is going to work after going thru it. It's just that you need the pro version to get the work done

Nwo. K. C. May 25, 2020     

Pretty good and reliable for dish installers. I love the guidelines as it makes easier for first time installers. Thanks

Mat. Q. May 14, 2019     

Kept telling me I couldn't use it without a gyro! - More or less useless! Kept trying to upsell the pro version - why would I buy that when the basic one os so bad?

deo. d. Oct 5, 2019     

Very good app. If you can't use it without gyro, you have no business trying to set up your own dish.

Chr. T. Jan 12, 2020     

Very useful app, follow stage by stage and get amazing results. Thank you developer.

Dav. B. Mar 8, 2020     

First thing you start getting pop ups, every step pop up. That you MUST UPGRADE to pro version.

A. G. u. Mar 22, 2019     

absolutely very nice app. its 3 years now since i ever started using it. i never missed any satellite. thanks

Per. M. Sep 19, 2019     

I set up my Airtel antenna to use this app. Very useful app. Thanks

eli. m. Nov 15, 2020     

Poor. Keeps showing different directions all the time.

Bre. P. Oct 29, 2018     

requires pro to find satellite. very misleading. completely useless

Ian. B. Oct 17, 2020     

Fast easy simple to use with very good quick results

A. G. u. Oct 13, 2018     

I think the App should recommend the suitable satellite type for the user's location

Jus. M. Feb 3, 2020     

Very good app, step by step guidence right to the end..keep up with improving app

cri. p. Apr 1, 2020     

this app is so far the best app that can guide you through dish maintenance.

Fra. O. Jul 13, 2020     

Very good and clear except compass on phone.

vin. m. Jun 26, 2020     

Educative and helpful. Very perfect.

Phi. B. Jul 28, 2021     

Good simple explanation dont have to be a techy.

akh. a. Feb 7, 2019     

need to improve it.complete setting not available in this version

dav. t. Oct 24, 2018     

Have to upgrade to pro version for it to do anything absolutely rubbish

Ola. O. Mar 19, 2022     

Really good and educating.

Ika. K. k. Dec 13, 2021     

Cool. Nice and easy to use. It works.