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Spice up your game, and take some of the burden off your shoulders by quickly adding random NPCs, Plots, Dungeons, Monsters and more!
Not only does DM Screen help keep your game running fluid, it is a great tool for brainstorming your next session. Quickly design a mysterious encounter with a traveling caravan, or create the framework for a secret society of demon worshipers.

This app uses the random tables from https://www.reddit.com/r/BehindTheTables to generate massive amounts of random data to assist your campaign.

Random tables include NPCs, Plots, Dungeons, Monsters, and more! Over a hundred different categories to build from, with thousands of options, and billions in possibilities.

BUILD YOUR WORLD'S STORYWith the latest update, not only can you create an encounter on the fly in impressive detail, you can build a random story behind around it. With in minute you can create a unique world that will send your imagination flying, then fine tune it, so the world tells the story you want to tell.

BY DUNGEON MASTERS FOR DUNGEON MASTERSAll of the apps features have come from suggestions by our users. Tell me how this app could be more useful to you as a DM, and I'll take your input very seriously!

REVIEWS" DM Screen is a must-have!"
- http://android.informer.com

EXAMPLE:The following story was generated by the app. No tweaks were made. You can make your story, bigger or smaller for your own tastes, and tweak any and all elements as it suits your world, and the story you want to tell.

There is a temple, where worshipers flock to pray to several gods within a pantheon, though the temple was not originally built for those gods. It was in fact dedicated to the god of trickery, and has been known to dole out rather accurate prophesies. The temple is guarded by a team of sellswords. The circular structure, though simple has a set of fortifications, well used by the mercenary company. At the front of the temple are two immense steel doors, concealing unfinished hardwood floors and vaulted ceilings.

An young, but outspoken zealot of a priest, by the name of Domitaxar can be found pacing the halls of the temple, often preaching to those who will listen about various sacred texts of which he has intimate knowledge. His sermons are often laced with hints at the need for donation to keep the temple in order, and to pay the mercenary guard, which ensures that his temple is one of the safest places in the region. He can often be found wearing a suit of chainmail emblazoned with the symbol of his god, and wielding a staff with a crook. When he is not preaching, he can be found drinking a cup of green tea, or praying for the miraculous recovery of an old friend.

The mercenary company that guards this temple wear exotic scarlet robes over their armor featuring the symbol of a flame stitched on to them, and battleaxes strapped to their backs. The commander, though effective at what he does, is a foreigner, and his men are cautious around him, never quite certain how he may respond to any given situation. Those who have heard of this company are surprised at their effectiveness given their unassociated specialization in siege-breaking. But the mercenaries' reputation precedes them as commonly using dirty tactics in a fight, and leaving the dead to be eaten by wild beasts.

Though donations to the temple help pay for some of the care of the mercenaries, their real backer is one of the great noble house in the region, which is of little surprise, as the house is well respected by all houses. The house flies a green banner with the symbol of a pine tree, and their motto champions the ideals of honor. Tahicel, one of the most well known members of the house, is a brilliant scholar. and an aging man. He has used the region's fertile river valley to amass the wealth for his house. Little does he know that member of his house are plotting to over thrown King!

Before Tahicel dies, he hopes to finish negotiating a trade contract...

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