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Do U Even Tap

Do U Even Tap is an idle clicker game with endless gameplay that will allow you to tap for eternity, or until leg day, because we all know you skip it bruh. This bodybuilding idle clicker game will be your new fitness workout!
Log into Google Play Games or Facebook and compete with your friends to out tap their baby weights! See who can lift the heaviest pound for pound! Light weight!

❖ Tap to lift, tap to squat, tap to bench, and tap to become the king of bodybuilding! Tap to unlock supplements to fast track your gains! Or if you’re too lazy, unlock heroes to assist your lift, but don’t worry, it’s all you brah!

❖ FEATURES ❖➤ Lift for gains.➤ Lift weights, make bank.➤ Forty bros, two girls. Just like a regular gym (based on market research)➤ Customize your aesthetics➤ One membership, all 7 deadly gyms➤ Unlock skills to conquer the iron!➤ Out lift the boss, this ain’t no drop set!➤ Test your limit in event mode, and claim your prize.➤ Daily rewards, 6 day free trial.➤ Experience no rest sets, play all day!

❖ NOT FEATURING ❖➤ Crossfit➤ Cardio➤ Synthol➤ Vegans➤ Palumboism

Rep for rep, tap for tap. Lift to win. You ready brah?

Developed by Maxman TV in collaboration with Tiny Town Studios

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