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Dream Fish

Welcome to Dreamfish!
Fill up your fish tanks with your very own Dream Fish! Decide what fish to grow, sell and breed!Raise beautiful baby Clown Fish, feed them to see them grow, and decorate your tanks with exotic tropical plants and sea reefs!FEATURES✓FREE TO PLAY!✓Hundreds of exotic marine life including killer whales, sharks and sting rays!✓Buy, feed, love, sell and revive your fish to gain experience!✓Breed your fish to your heart's content and for extra coins!✓Dozens of backgrounds including Atlantis and Stonehenge FREE!✓Visit friends tanks, help clean them and level up to become "featured" neighbor tanks!

* Please note that this free app contains optional paid content that can be purchased on demand. You can disable in-app purchases by adjusting your device’s settings. **

Category : Casual

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Reviews (30)

Ama. M. Dec 1, 2017     

I have played this for 8 yrs now, the weekly updates gotta go, they mess up more than they help and now formonths you can't access the game. I had 26 fish tanks that are all going to be dead now thanks a bunch, 8yrs of fish lost! The events were great but now lost everything so mad.

B. B. Aug 3, 2017     

I had to change my review... What's going on you see all these bad reviews and nothing is being done about it. People support this game and spend real money all we're asking is that you fix the problem so we can enjoy Dream fish again. It will not get pass loading.. Please fix

JAS. P. Nov 21, 2017     

I deleted this game, because it would never open. And when It did I had to keep spending my bucks to revive them. Apparently yall dont care. I have read a lot of comments with the same issue, and ihave not seen your company addressed the issue. So I deleted it was a waste of time. But I did enjoy the game whenever it opened up.

Dar. 9. Jul 4, 2017     

This game is pretty awesome except for one thing, I used to play this game a lot and then it said unexpected error pops up and I press retry. But it kept saying it. I tried downloading it on my phone but it kept saying the same thing over and over again. I checked my WiFi signal and it was a full. But it keeps not letting me play the game though. Same with Dream fish HD and Dream Fish Seasons. Please reply as soon as possible.

Cyn. B. Jun 4, 2017     

When this game worked, it was a pretty good game. However, it seems to be in the process of being abandoned - that happened to me once before on another app. I hope Google pulls it out of the store soon, so no one else gets sucked in. Prior review: The visuals are great, quite a lot of the fish are very pretty and this why I continue. But far, far too much of the game tries to get you to buy fish bucks, which really add up, for example, one fish that costs 88 fish bucks (not unusual) equals a bit over $2 in real money. $2 in real money for one electronic fish is just not something I am going to pay. And most fish cost a fair number of fish bucks so I ignore most fish and stick with the basics. The game events range from fun with pretty fish (Paradise fish) to the current Mother's day game with very creepy and bizarre frogs. I like frogs, but not these jerky, creepy little creatures. But I will continue to keep up my tanks, cause they are pretty and relaxing to look at once in a while😀

Jas. W. May 31, 2017     

Was a good game, and enjoyed playing it but now it just won't open! Keeps stating 'unexpected error'... also fish bucks could be cheaper, or get them free more often to give you a chance of getting some premium stuff without spending a fortune in real money.

Jan. K. S. May 25, 2018     

The only time I'm able to play this is around 3:45 AM MT. Other wise nothing. It says network problem or try later. Not real happy. I'm still having the same problems with this. PLEASE FIX IT. Pretty soon it will be Memorial Day 2018 NOT 2017 fix it. Look at your calendar Memorial Day in this coming Monday 2018.

Lis. D. Jun 1, 2017     

I have enjoyed this game for years, but today I went from 5 stars to 3. I was not able to get on at all yesterday. It kept saying unexpected error and to check my connections. Everything was fine. I see I am not the only one. They need to answer their questions and revive everyone's fish....if and when they get it up and running. They have been extremely unprofessional. As much money as I have spent on this game should at least merit a response.

Pat. C. Jul 25, 2017     

6 20 2017 - DO NOT DOWNLOAD this game! the game has been down since the last day of May it is june 20 2017 ... game is still completely down with NO one from their team giving ANYONE updates. DO NOT DOWNLOAD this game! This customer service is disgusting! WAS a LONG time player who wasted REAL money on Fish bucks ... never again!

Lee. A. C. Oct 30, 2017     


kim. c. Sep 24, 2017     

My guess as to why the game is only available between 3-am is that they have pulled the plug on the game but because people spent money on fish bucks legally they can't bring it completely down .SO they only make it "available " so you can spend your bucks (that you paid for) between 3-5 am. That gets them out if legal trouble / having to refund money to customers. because they are giving you an "opportunity" to use them by having the game "open" at those hours. Therefore hoping most people are not up and just will quit playing all together and they can eventually close shop and not worry about any legal issues.

A. G. u. Sep 7, 2017     

Dream view have removed my review yet again. Fix the servers you robbing tw@ts, you ain't doing anything to fix the game it wont be back and you haven't even got the common courtesy to tell your loyal players what's actually going on. Shameful, what a disgrace you are. Google should do something to resolve this ongoing saga, either pull the game off the store or demand that the Devs give an explanation. I've uninstalled after 5 years it's a lost cause. Avoid this joke of a game with zero p.r. skills and no management or support. 0 stars from me.

zel. s. Jan 28, 2018     

I have always loved this game , not really understanding why they went down for so long ... I am still waiting for them to get an older game of mine off of an older phone and put it on my new note 8 . I have invested so much in that older game. That is how much I love it .. just want my older game back ... thanks to anyone who can help me.

Sea. R. Sep 20, 2017     

It could do users of this app a lot of good by either... Having some type of hourly log on, smaller in necessity than experience points as an automatic positive reinforcement rather than something that takes so long to build. Also.. The fish, plants, decorations etc should definitely be less pricey. You could give an hourly bonus of 15 fish bucks... And that would barely make an impact. If anything, may get people to spend money if they feel you giving something to them first. Can't log in. Gets better and better

Aly. C. Sep 1, 2017     

This was my favorite game but now it's not letting me play it. When I open it up it says an unexpected error has occurred and will not connect to the server. Please fix it. When I email for help all I get is an automated email back. Not helpful at all. I see others are having the same problem. Dream fish is a dead app.

can. p. Oct 11, 2017     

This was the best app what happened loved it been playing at 6 years now it won't let you log in in the daytime you can only get on in between 4:30 in the morning and 11 am in the morning that's it it's ridiculous it won't even let me get my game back I can't even heal my fish. My heart's broke and I've spent a ridiculous amount of money on this app does anybody have any ideas of game similar to this would appreciate the feedback

EXA. F. T. A. Apr 11, 2018     

I have been playing this game for 4 year's now. After logging in today everything is gone!! All of my hard work, 35+ tanks not to mention the large amount of in app money I have spent over the years. Emailed support but not feeling confident.

Cry. S. Jun 9, 2017     

Game keeps closing out or won't let me in. It is always got bugs that need to be fixed. Just uninstalled this app cause it's been 2 weeks since I was able to play due to all the bugs. GAME IS A WASTE OF TIME!!!

Amb. H. Jul 10, 2017     

New update: they have dumped their game and didn't bother to tell anyone! Been offline for months now, response from support is spotty-"we will let you know when we feel like it". After 5 years and 32 tanks full of fish-it would have been nice to be notified that they were taking down the game BEFORE it happened so I could have at least screen shot my tanks. Really sad.

Con. S. Nov 22, 2017     

Deleting this app. Months ago it went down and we were told just a few days it will be fixed, should be up and going shortly, team is working on it please be patient. Months later it's not working and absolutely NO response from anyone! They didn't have a clue how to run the app and scuddlebutt was they were losing money. The app will open for about 2 hr in the middle of the night but you're very limited as to what you can do, basically nothing. Thanks Guys.

Kar. T. Jun 12, 2017     

After playing this game daily for more than 4 years, I now feel that I've been played for a fool. I spent a lot of time and actual money on pixels. For the first few days the game was down, i still hoped to play again. But it's going on 2 weeks now without any communication from the company. I am sick thinking about the time i wasted creating tanks of carefully chosen and bred fish to replicate different ocean environments from around the world. Lesson learned: not only will i never again invest myself in any game by this company, but i will never get sucked into ANY game again. Google Play should remove this game already. Beware of all games with in-app purchases. They're just thieves.

San. P. Jun 23, 2017     

Could have a way better way of finding fish eggs to buy, but otherwise love the game. Good graphics, colorful and pretty fish, and fun events. Hate trying to find fish to buy though? ***UPDATE***Have been waiting since 5-31-17 for this game to come back. I can open it first thing in the AM, but all fish are dead and then the whole game goes away again. Am ready to move on even though I loved the game. Feel like they are not going to fix it and the game will be discontinued. BUMMER!!!!

Jes. D. Apr 2, 2018     

I give this app zero stars. It keeps saying i have no service even with me having full 4g and Wi-Fi

San. S. Apr 13, 2017     

Please keep the new fish coming I had it on iphone now on here!! I still love this game its a great way to kill time!! I just wish there wasn't so many level limits on some of the fish and so many you have to have the fussy bucks for I mean come on I'm not spending a bunch of money on a "free" game! Anyway I enjoy the game just cut back on the fish bucks fish and decor let us buy with coins instead.

K. J. O. Apr 23, 2017     

I loved dreamfish until my phone died on me. There is no way for a player to transfer the game to a new phone. My name and all my decorated tanks are still out there according to my friends but I can't use my name or access my tanks. I have to start over. Support is non existent.

A. G. u. Mar 12, 2018     

Love the fish but the darn game constantly give me a message that it is sorry but it has stopped. I report it but to no avail. I uninstalled. Will download one more time. If it still doesn't work I will then permanently uninstalled and will tell others of this issue that they should not download it. I spent money on this game and had 56 or so tanks. Due to their problems I lost all that money and all my tanks. Sad as it was a nice game. I wish another company would make a game just like this one with all the same features. I did try one last time to download and the game will still not open.

Mic. C. May 20, 2017     

This game sucks !! I went to my aquariums today and all my fish, turtles, frogs, and trained fish were all gone in my 3 tanks. When you click on the left side to go from one tank to another it shows the correct fish for each tank, but none of them are actually in the aquarium. They sent directions to restore it, but of course that did anything. It started out as a fun little game untill it removed all my fish, etc. In the tanks. I will delete the game, as I can't get back everything taken from me that I spent a lot of time building up.

Ang. B. Apr 13, 2017     

I've been trying to get my game moved to my new device since February 14th. I've sent 8 emails and gotten confirmation that my emails are received but my game is not moved. I'm pretty ticked off by this because I've been playing for at least 7 years and spent significant money on fish bucks. Please respond to this problem.

Wil. A. A. J. Jun 5, 2017     

It was a good game. I'm at level 78 ready to turn to 79 and the game shuts down. Whatever happened to the app Google needs to make it right bye shutting it all down and refunding money to the people that bought into the game. It is not fair to the thousands of people that have loaded played bought into the game that used to be a fun game to play. I have played this game when it used to be called tap fish and that has been the past 6 years, and things changed drastically when it became dream fish. Had more problems when it became the new app and I don't know if I'll ever want to play it again.

Cry. G. May 31, 2017     

Been playing this game for ages. Used to be so fun and relaxing. Now there's constant crashing issues or not even loading at all. Contacting the makers gets ya nowhere. 5+ emails and several messages on their db page gets nothing bit automated responses