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Dream Garden - Best Girls Game

One of the best girls games! Play gardener and make sure that the plants in the Dream Garden grow tall and healthy!
Kids in the garden are already taking care of the plants. Join them and play together! Water the flowers, paint the fence, trim the bushes into funny animals, mow the lawn, and more!

Enjoy 13 gardening activities with different tools and plants!Collect coins to unlock new clothes, garden items and best girls mini games!

Girls Game Features:

WATER THE PLANTSRegularly water the plants with a watering can and see how they bloom!

PAINT THE FENCEGrab a paint roller and add new colors to the fence, house and storage shed!

GARDEN GOODIESPlay Dream Garden every day and collect 10 different garden goodies as you level up!

PLANT PRUNINGKeep your plants healthy and prune them with plant scissors!

TRIMMING TIMETrim the grass around the fence and house!

FIND THE PAIRTap the cards and find matching pictures of garden plants, insects and tools!

SHAPE A SHRUBCut the shrubs into fun shapes and animals with a shrub trimmer!

LAWN MOWINGBeautiful lawn is a must for the Dream Garden, right? Don’t forget to cut it regularly!

GARDEN DRESS UPGardening is even more fun if you wear your favorite clothes. Play dress up and create a perfect gardener’s outfit!

WHEEL OF FORTUNEVisit the old wooden Wheel of Fortune and win up to 500 extra coins every day!

LEAF BLOWINGBlow away old leaves with a leaf blower and keep the garden neat!

RAKING FUNGet the rake and prepare the soil for new plants!

KITCHEN GARDEN CARETime to take care of the plants in the little Kitchen Garden. Play weed control and remove them with a hoe!

WHAT‘S INSIDE13 gardening mini games9 gardening tools129 gardening clothes and accessoriesBeautiful graphics and charactersCatchy sounds and musicEasy gameplay even for the smallest kids

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Category : Educational

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Reviews (30)

Nam. M. Mar 1, 2016     

I hate this game because there is all things is lock only 2 or 3 thing is open

Mol. K. Feb 24, 2016     

I had to tàp everything a bunch of times to try and get it to work. Not worth 1 star.

dev. r. May 30, 2016     

This should have been the tip off. Also evening is locked and wants you to pay for it. Would end up being a very expensive game for kids.

Pra. K. May 26, 2017     

The game is good but almost half of the game is to buy with real money. If the full game would have been unlocked without the use of money then more people would have liked this game.

Mir. J. Aug 22, 2016     

Just a tool to make you pay.. very boring and not interesting at ll

San. K. Apr 22, 2016     

I liked it very much I liked to play that game because in that game there were peoples was doing hard work

A. G. u. Jan 5, 2017     

I have to waste my money to open all this level. I don't won't to waste my money

Pri. J. Sep 30, 2017     

It is very bad they never give good things free we should purchase in every game I hate it and if we purchase also any time we can delete it I know that it is good game but every time they take purchase I want this has me free of cost .HATE IT 👿

Dee. J. Sep 14, 2016     

Hated it hated it

swe. f. Apr 29, 2016     

I can't stop it to play because I love it so much 😀😀

Ada. K. Jan 3, 2017     

I don't like the game this game is not belongs to me this game is very boring and this game not for under 8 this game is for under 4 I think

Nee. S. Jan 27, 2017     

What they all are saying I don't know because I am a girl and if girls game so I can't say about this game bad because I have a feeling for girls game . If you are a girl so think 10 or 5 minutes then decide you want to download or not if not so it's very bad for a girl.

Rag. R. Mar 16, 2017     

It is good but why we are paying money ito play some game only 2-3 levels we play and then give money to play more rubbish game

Bha. Mar 31, 2017     

It is very bad game all things are locked and it is very bad game ever

kow. s. Mar 5, 2016     

It is always getting stoped pelese cheak it

Mee. T. Apr 6, 2017     

This is a good game but many level hai locked so I don't think so it is the very good game

Des. S. Jan 28, 2017     

Only if every thing was unlocked it would be very fun

Ami. A. Jul 29, 2016     

This game is very boring most of the levels are locked

Sis. B. Jul 4, 2016     

I'm so glad you are getting the best of luck.

Art. Nov 26, 2016     

Great game but only 2 or 3 things are unlock

Kar. S. Apr 3, 2016     

I love these games but you can't unlock everything

Rek. S. Apr 23, 2016     

I love this game it is easy and it can play in free time

Kri. K. May 16, 2016     

It is a nice game but they have to unlock that both

VIS. K. D. A. Mar 2, 2016     

It is very good and helpful for children

A. G. u. Oct 10, 2016     

this game is very interesting game I never seen this type of game all games where in play store are very boring game but this is very nice game

DIA. N. Apr 3, 2016     

Bright colors and pretty flowers..it should brighten anyone's day! Cute way to pass time.

Sha. C. Mar 2, 2016     

My opinion to every one is install and rate this app

Moh. M. Feb 21, 2016     

Mu daughter play and it is a beautiful game

rak. n. Mar 2, 2017     

Levels shouldn't be locked but it's nicer

San. V. Mar 3, 2016     

It is a awesome game my daughter played it