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Dream Girlfriend

Create your very own Dream Girlfriend! Customize her face, hairstyle, height and more! There are so many options to choose from to make your cute girlfriend one-of-a-kind♪What's more, the huge and ever-expanding range of incredible outfits add a whole new level of fashion fun as you strive to make your girl as stylish as can be. Choose clothes based on seasons, themes and more, and enter world of virtual cosplay!This hugely popular game in Japan has now made its way overseas with a full-English version! International otaku, rejoice!
Features:・Create your own fully-customizable and super kawaii anime girl (up to 5 in total)!・Live2D technology makes our unique Motion Rare outfits move with emotion!・Choose from 11 different personalities to complete change the way she talks and behaves!・A walk-in closet with 14 different customizable slots!・Chat, Study and Work with your girlfriend to interact, change her personality and even earn money!・Take part in regularly updated Events to get your hands on some exclusive, limited edition clothes!・Romantic interaction for guys, and fashion fun for girls, too!

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Category : Simulation

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Reviews (30)

Gri. Dec 10, 2021     

It's a cute dress up game, and it lets you design whatever you want your ideal girlfriend to look like. There's adorable cozy clothing and there's also revealing sexual clothing for you to choose from. It's nice and chill, just something cute for you to do whenever you're bored. I really like the concept and I think this game could be really great. However it is a bit slow when loading images, dialogues and choices.

Júl. A. Jul 7, 2020     

Downloaded this game again after 4 years. There are some new features and it's still very cute (although some graphics have bad quality due to heavy compression?) however, they haven't changed the UI at all, not even the resolution, so it's small in most recent phones. I think they should revamp this game's core, perhaps even drop the browser-based system. It looks very outdated.

Nad. N. Jun 8, 2021     

It's a good game, but need a lot of improvements. The UI's appearance is not that responsive, the concentration game has latency which is really annoying since there's a time limit, and the gacha system sometimes just really bad that i don't get even 1 MR with a lot of draws (even though usually enough to get 1 at minimum). And the UI's design is not user friendly, especially for beginners. I think this worth a mention too.

Chr. J. T. Feb 7, 2019     

Pretty boring, not much to do. Graphics are cute but no animation as such, it's mostly still 2d images with some occasional head bobbing. I was curious to see what this is and how it worked, it's not for me. The mini games and 'quests' are mostly just tapping a button to get random dialogue. I only played it for a few hours so can't say much more.

Lui. Apr 10, 2019     

An addicting game (I did not expect it to be). However, there are certain issues. The interface and menus can be difficult to navigate through. Pertaining to the previous point mentioned, the menus feel cluttered and text is sometimes cut off of dialogue. Not much interaction with your girlfriend (I would like more freedom when chatting, asking questions, etc.). Still playable though. The animations are pretty good although awkward at some times (girl keeps leaning her head to her left).

Cas. C. Aug 31, 2019     

I downloaded this game years ago and loved it. I never really liked that you could make them look more more mature. Had lots of outfits and gained them quick. There were lots of things to do and events to play to gain all sorts of things. Now, I have had it for three days and have only like two outfits. The game is terribly glitchy, I can hardly tap on something without a terrible, long delay. If you could find a way for us to have more to do and fix these bugs. I think it would be a lot better.

Lui. G. Oct 24, 2019     

Lots of ways to progress with so much different currencies. Shells this, coins that, etc etc. Gets hard to afford things. The interface is dated. VERY dated. Game runs on a web browser apparently, but come on man, it's just very slow a lot of the time. Just changing tabs lags out sometimes. Customization and drawing quality, as well as the voice acting is very good. I love hearing dialogue and the little interactions. So far, good game, but needs a LOT of improvem

Ash. S. D. Feb 23, 2021     

I've been playing off and on since 2016, I love this game. I never really played for the dating aspect or read the text, so I have nothing to say there. However, the customization is fantastic! You can create multiple characters as you level more, win great outfits even as a free player, and they give you an abundance of closet & saved outfit space.

Ecc. L. E. Nov 30, 2018     

I would give a higher review but I'm not happy with this game for the moment. After the last maintenance I've been completely unable to play my game. I'll open it up and the start up is fine, but then when it gets to the actual game the screen stays grey with the buttons on the bottom are unable to react when pressed. I'll wait for many minutes for it to "load" but it never does. Please fix this, I'm almost at level 60.. I kind of miss playing my game. Thank you!

Sie. W. Jul 29, 2021     

Been playing this everyday for 5 years now and I'll just say, I still love it. I'm updating my review after nearly 3 years of 5 stars though because the UI is almost painfully outdated. The aspect ratio of the game hasn't changed to accommodate larger screens at all. This means that new features that I'd typically be thrilled about are crammed into an already crowded UI when there is tons of space above and below the game on most screens for them. A UI overhaul would do this game wonders.

Jac. E. Dec 4, 2018     

I really like this game, but I think it would be better if, starting from the third date, the date points received were higher. And maybe make the time longer than just 5 minutes. Or maybe just make an option where you can choose what kind of player you'll be, either constant or occasional. I work a lot, and most of the time I'm using my phone to do so, so getting notifications after just 5 minutes to come back and collect the date points is not ideal. Also, I'd love if some of the other personality types could be set to 10 and 15, because right now, there's a huge gap between the first 4 and the next tier. And maybe lower the level requirement to add another girlfriend from 30 to 20, or something. As an occasional player, I have to wait a huge span of time now to get to that.

ALo. G. Oct 15, 2019     

Game is very customizable and enjoyable at the start, however after playing for a while longer it starts to get boring real quick. Dont get me wrong I love the concept to be able to customize your girlfriend as your (lets say you have a very favorite Waifu) is great & all but the game lack features. The features that it has now not making you want to come back to the game. Until it adds more features maybe I'll come back. Also forgot to mention you can't remove Recommendation outfits 🤦‍♂️

Ivo. M. Nov 15, 2019     

So far it's a cute game and seems to have a decent amount of features, but what really turns me off is the cluttered interface. It's difficult to figure out exactly what I'm doing with all the excessive imagery. Something more minimalistic would make immersing myself a bit easier, and it would probably be able to hold my attention longer.

Pai. P. Aug 25, 2019     

Been playing since it came out years ago, I love the game, but it can get expensive at times. I wish there was an option or maybe personality that would identify me as my FEMALE gender. Has a lot of pay to win but the game can be fun for free as well. They are changing the art style a bit but it's still super cute and pretty. I like the dialogue and choice of personality but hope they come out with more soon!

A. G. u. May 12, 2019     

i never thought I'd get hooked on a dress up. But this game just gives me a peace of mind. The art style is beautiful, the avatars are very customizable with tons of outfits, acessories, and background themes to earn. Though If I have one complaints about the game It would be It's NP currency cost is a bit too expensive especially since it doesn't even have any tax levied on top of it. I would buy more packs more often if they were more affordable. and worth while.

ren. May 5, 2021     

At the beginning, I was really obsessed with this game. I loved the customization features and etc. The events are always the same, which kind of sucks. Once I reached level 20, the game started to get really boring. Dating was tiresome to do, because it's basically just clicking a button and nothing else. It's also hard to get the opportunity to spin the gachas that cost NP. Didn't have any problem with that before, but now it's really upsetting.

Cla. B. Apr 2, 2019     

This game is addictive and theres so much to do! There are constantly new events, login bonuses, gatcha items, shop items, and overall just plenty of opportunities to create gorgeous characters. The only thing I don't like is how the events are so luck-based. You'll have to drop more and more money just for the CHANCE to get a linked gatcha item and HOPE you've bought enough stamina items for the final hour. I don't even mind buying outfits, I just dislike spending money to MAYBE get one.

joi. a. Nov 23, 2020     

I am playing this game ever since it started, I really loved the game. I just stopped it last 2019 because the game takes a lot of time to load up. And now I installed it again and played it again but it has the same issue. I already updgraded my phone to 8gb ram but it's still buffering even if we have a fiber connection. Please fix this issue for us. Please do something about it 🥺

Jai. C. Jun 2, 2021     

This is a great game but I have 2 requests; please add darker skin tones and textured hair. This game has a large audience in America and other diverse countries so players of different races should be able to feel represented. Also, I think allowing the player to choose their own personality and gender instead of having the player be a boy by default would personalize the game a lot more, and allow more interesting conversations with the girls.

Doz. Jun 1, 2021     

Edit: Why can't I use 'Rainbow drink' even if I'm on a event? It is a bug or something? Please fix it, I really need it to rank-up. It's a really enjoyable app! Although can you add more colors choose for the eyes and hair? I want to experiment on new looks but the colors for these two are so limited.

NAR. Jun 30, 2021     

I really like it. I quit once due to the stress of Events, but I'm back. I realized I don't have to stress when Events come up, what matters is if I like the outfit. It's my 2nd favorite mobile game ever I think, very high quality. But, idk I don't make female characters. I just want more gender neutral outfits. There are a lot though and I appreciate that. Keep it up, dedicated developers.

And. S. Mar 28, 2019     

I love the game so much! You can dress up your 'Girlfriends' (I just make my OCs) in thousands of outfits and accesories, choose a personality & interact with her, & have up to 6 girls! It's essentially a giant dressup game with new outfits being released all the time. It's easy to play after picking up the basics. The art is beautiful, & you can play completely free! My only issue with it is that the Japanese server gets more outfits and the skintones are so light. Otherwise, AMAZING game!!!

Tyh. F. Sep 5, 2020     

Decided to change my opinion on the game after a thorough consideration. The game is amazing, so far no game has managed to keep me hooked like this one. It does get clunky sometimes, the dialogue system could be better, but its ad free, its exclusive if you are willing to invest your time and patience and mostly its rewarding. Thank you Nizikano and I hope you continue to improve the game!

Emi. N. Aug 6, 2019     

I have been playing this game for about 3 years now, even though I took a break for a while. Free players cannot get as many things in-game, but there are still plenty of great outfits that are free from the events. Work/study times range from 5 minutes to 8 hours, and since I work full time it's very nice to be able to complete it during breaks. Chatting is mostly fun, and there are many different dialogue strings to read though. Voice clips create a more immersive feeling as well.

Mau. M. Nov 8, 2020     

Every time I try and play "Let's Play Consentration!" My game lags but the timer keeps counting? I will click a card but it doesn't flip until 4 seconds later and my timer will run out after 2 rounds because it keeps lagging but the counter never stops with the loading time. I know there's a way to fix it, but you only care about money and not the quality.

Giu. I. Feb 20, 2022     

It'd be really nice if there was some way to exchange shells or points for NP, even if it were to take lots of time... I wonder if there's some way for the Girlfriend's chest size to always stay the same no matter the clothes she wears-because I believe that as of now it depends on the clothes, not on her body. It'd be really useful if one didn't have to buy every eye color, every time! I mean that it'd be nice if eye colors could be kept in the closet like for hairstyles.

bro. l. May 15, 2019     

This game is more like a glorified dress-up game than a dating sim, wich isn't that bad! But expect a lot of grinding for both money and exp (yes this game has exp) to get somewhere. It's nice for those who like to build and dress-up characters. And for paying in game: I wouldn't say it's pay-to-win but more like pay-to-get-bonuses, only to make your characters prettier or to get a bonus in events. Pretty fun game and great time-killer

Rac. D. Nov 27, 2019     

Long time user here. I had an old account I used to play on but didnt get as far as this one with. (I never bothered to swap phone data, I didnt do a lot at first.) Getting a lot of outfits now from events or login campaigns is great, and the fact you can get plenty of hairstyle coupons to get several new salon hairs per event is good. The only way around the need to spend so much np is the free offers unfortunately, and even then I dont usually bother looking at the gachas so I dont tempt! 👍👍

C. L. May 8, 2022     

Too expensive & dated interface. The outfits are very cute but it's pretty ridiculous that alot of them cost 200 NP. It costs $7.71 to get 105 NP. Meaning the outfits each cost about $15 dollars. It's basically impossible to get through the midway point of the event without having to drain NP because of the refill times. A lot of the advantages are stacked against the player. To get any NP for free you have to pay $15+ dollars for atleast 200 np or play a game & reach adsurd achievements.

Eri. B. Jun 13, 2021     

I honestly haven't experienced the problems most people have had. The game has almost never lagged or closed on me. And as far as p2w, once you've been playing for a bit, it's easy to get most of the items from the regular gatcha while using only the free tickets. There are some cash only gatchas available, but you have to decide if you're playing those or not. I agree that we could use some new personalities and dialogue options, but I still enjoy the game