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Dress Up World: Best Girls App

★ 3-in-1! Decorate, Design, Dress Up! Play now!!! Free luxury glamour update! Pianos, Glitter spiral stairs and much more!!!★★★★
★ Created for Tablets. "Best dress up app for girls out there!"★★★★
★ Design your own sweet house and customize your model in this addicting dress up game! Be one of the first to own this candylicious app! Download now to get your free item of the day…everything from disco lights to fuzzy kittens to luxury decor.
How to Play Dress Up World™ Best Girls AppStart with your model, where can you can create an amazing dressed up avatar model with skin tones, hairstyles, eye color, eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner and mascara. Top it off with a section of the best outfits for dressing up!

Then move into your dreamy bedroom, gorgeous bling living room and cool kitchen, where you get to choose from trendy paint colors and wallpaper, and decorate with windows, curtains, lamps, beds, sofas, cushions, tables, dressing tables, flowers, artwork, clocks, candles, food (yes, even pizza and sushi), gaming and electronics (cool guitars and stereos), and MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH more.

Collect as many free items of the day as you can!

Once your rooms are decorated, head over to your dressing room and pick today's outfit to dressup in from cute tops, pants, shoes dresses earrings necklaces and glasses. Don't forget your makeup to complete your stunning fashion makeover. Make up with thousands of make-up combinations!!! Glittery eyeshadow, shiny lip gloss, hair make overs and more!!

Head back over to your rooms and save some awesome scenes to share with friends!

Download and play Dress Up World™ Best Girls App Today to get your FREE item of the day!

Current Dress Up World™ Girls Game collections include FREE:

★ Trendy paint colors, wallpapers ★★★★
★ Windows, curtains, rods ★★★★
★ Glowing lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps, holiday lights ★★★★
★ Artwork, frames, posters ★★★★
★ Beds, sofas, furniture ★★★★
★ Clocks, neon, bling ★★★★
★ Pretty flowers, vases, potted plants, trees ★★★★
★ Glittery candles, candleholders ★★★★
★ Yummy food, drinks, desserts ★★★★
★ Amazing electronics, cool guitars, stereos, microphones, speakers, laptops ★★★★
★ Luxury kitchen cabinets ★★★★
★ Pink and silver home appliances ★★★★
★ Luxury decor, cool artwork, vases ★★★★
★ Clothes, shirts, pants, shoes ★★★★
★ FREE Item of the Day MUCH MUCH MORE!

Collect as many free items of the day as you can! Play Dress Up World™ Girls Game Today! Download Now!

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