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Driver License Generator

This fun app generates an authentic looking driver license (used for entertainment purposes only).You can save, share, zoom/examine and browse and delete your saved licenses in-app. Surprise your friends with a driver license! Input your information and voila
- Your license was created. At the moment you can generate Californian and UK licenses that looks very good and real. Later on more countries will be added.
User Persmissions are needed because of advertising.

The layout and user-experience is perfect with nice design and smooth transitions.

In order to give you a free app and keep developing more free apps in the future, we are integrating a search tool to our application. This will add a few access points to your device (hence the permissions) to direct you to the web search service. Please consider using the search to help us keep creating apps. You may delete the search icon, bookmark and homepage easily. Thank you.

Category : Entertainment

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Reviews (30)

A. G. u. Jun 13, 2017     

This app is bad. When you try to save over more than 3 fake licenses it makes you get a different app that costs money. I think that if they want more people to buy this app they shouldn't allow limits.

Fur. G. Oct 30, 2013     

For one thing, on the U.K. License there isn't enough personal information, all of the dates are written backwards, when you type in your birth place (which I'm unsure would be printed on a license) it overlaps the first name. There are no weight/height or eye/hair color options either. The only other license available is California, it would be okay if the exp wasn't extremely unrealistic. I mean 2053 really? I realize this app is just for fun but, it's not much fun when there are so many things wrong.

fal. q. Jan 18, 2015     

When I was using this app for the first time I chose my gender as female then on the finished product my gender was displayed as male. When I chose male it was male, but when I chose female again it was male. Please fix this. But overall the app is pretty good, and I hate to rush you but can you finish up the other state licenses?

moh. f. Sep 8, 2016     

Please if this app contains the features of ghana DVLA IT WILL HELP by then is good. Please do well to come out with the one that can be use to gerate ghana's linces

Alo. S. May 10, 2015     

Hi developers, Kudos for the fun app. I want to know how to calculate the check digits in the UK driving license.

Kel. A. Apr 23, 2015     

Not just good for me to use cos i try to save it after creating but it keeps on telling me that could not save an error occurred please fix that..

Ste. D. Nov 14, 2016     

It actually surprised me. Great app can't wait for the rest to be developed.

Wes. A. May 2, 2017     

The picture does not retain the aspect ratio so your face is always distorted.

DAI. J. Sep 11, 2016     

Doesn't work because I'm a female and I taped the girl but it still sad male

Eri. B. G. J. Feb 21, 2016     

Ads literally pop up every two seconds. Screw that noise.

whe. d. g. Jun 11, 2016     

I need more design of id card

Naq. N. Jul 22, 2015     

The birthdays come out wrong smh

Sar. F. Apr 27, 2014     

It is good but, Please make it exactly like a real license

Pri. D. Nov 12, 2015     

amazing app. Please try to improve it,make it more real

Ver. R. Apr 1, 2017     

I like this app a lot of advertising can use a little work but I like this app

M. M. Jan 13, 2016     

Must give options for other countries and back page also.

Eri. W. May 16, 2014     

Awesome thanks for the first time in the game

AJ. C. Feb 7, 2014     

please add the drivers license of Philippines

Kom. H. Jan 13, 2015     

Plz also put the Pakistan license

A. G. u. Jul 26, 2017     

Can even using it, after uploading pics nothing more can't save, no option to click, very bad👎👎👎👎👎👉

Car. B. May 22, 2015     

Oregon isn't important enough, is that it? Also distorts photos. Fail.

Ray. C. Nov 21, 2017     

It's OK but needs a little more customizations

Ras. A. t. Jul 1, 2015     

Plz add indian licence to it

Sam. G. Dec 22, 2016     

Waiting for more ids.

Ale. c. Jun 29, 2017     

I love it

Adi. K. Aug 11, 2016     

i love this

Jas. F. Mar 19, 2016     

That's WASSUP!!!!!

DR. W. Jun 19, 2015     

Alsom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I showed it to m brother he believes in it

Chy. B. Jun 10, 2014     

Need more updates

Kyl. W. Sep 12, 2013     

Force closes immediately upon opening after most recent update. Samsung Galaxy s3 4.1.2 stock