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Drudge Reader

Drudge Reader provides the simplest and best looking app for reading the Drudge Report on your Android device. It's even better than the official Drudge app!
Quickly skim through headlines, reading the articles that interest you, and ignoring the ones that don't. Share your favorite stories with friends, family, and colleagues through social media or email. It's all packaged in an app that won't make you scrape out your eyeballs.

- At-a-glance display of main headline and top stories.
- Related stories are grouped together.
- Articles are always presented in a mobile-friendly format.
- Share what you're reading with anyone.
- More features are on the way!
- Let us know what you want and we'll build it in!

Grab the latest headlines and keep track of what's happening throughout the United States and the world from one place. Make Drudge Reader your go-to app for reading the Drudge Report!

Category : News & Magazines

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