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Easy MOA & Mil Calculator Free

This is a three-way calculator for minutes of arc (MOA) and angular mils.You can quickly and smoothly convert between angle, target size, and distance to target.
This app can be used to:-Calculate accuracy based on grouping size at given distance-Help calibrate precise scope adjustments with no guesswork-Estimate minutes of arc (MOA) and milliradians (mils) without bulky conversion charts or tricky equations-For fixed-power or FFP mil-dot scopes, easily compute the distance to a target or estimate the target’s size if distance is known

This app is ad-supported.For an enhanced ad-free experience with more features, try Easy MOA & Mil Calculator Pro:http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.technicianfry.easymoa.paid

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Reviews (14)

S. B. Apr 30, 2015     

This is NOT a ballistics calculator, but is very useful doing quick unit conversions on the range.

Jos. R. Feb 4, 2018     

Not a ballistic calculator but great for ranging if you know dimensions of your target.

Jef. S. Sep 20, 2016     

I'm giving it 4 stars because it says this new version removed the ads but they still pop up fairly often.

Rya. M. Dec 8, 2015     

Enter in your known variables. Out pops the answer. Simple app. Gives you ranges and sizes on the fly, no complicated math needed.

A. G. u. Jun 8, 2015     

Great, requires very little memory, is fast n accurate.

Pau. G. Jul 25, 2018     

Simple to use especially with a scope with MOA turrets and mil dot reticle.

Zee. A. Jul 24, 2017     

I would like to know how could be the range or size be right if this version is not asking to in put Megnification level

Tim. C. Dec 6, 2017     

Perfect. This is a must have for anyone who uses a ranging reticle

Chr. E. Jul 17, 2015     

Appreciate that it has no ads too. Hats off to the developer :-)

Tre. S. Jul 21, 2017     

It does what you claimed it would do. THANKS! :-)

D. F. Nov 15, 2017     

I wish all programmers were this cool....

Rob. W. Jun 25, 2017     

not a ballistics calc

Gre. W. Sep 4, 2014     

Does exactly what I wanted. Wish I'd installed it earlier, would have saved me a lot of math goof ups (and ammo) while sighting in rifles at the range. Couple suggestions to completely eliminate brain farts-- * Simple-- Would be nice if the angle calculator could also give you the results in common click values, E.g. .1 MRAD, 1/2 MOA and 1/4 MOA. * More advanced-- if you could save profiles for different firearms.with their click values and directions, and make the interface more goal based. Eg I want to move my impact 3" right. Output is 3 windage clicks clockwise. Makes sight-in adjustments a total no brainer. Then I'd just have to worry about ballistics :-)

Dou. D. Mar 11, 2017     

Liked it so much, I purchased the Pro version. Both a great! Nicely done!