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Ebook (EPUB, MOBI, FB2 and other) to PDF Converter

We tried to make a simple and convenient converter.
If your phone does not have an ebook reader or any other program to view ebook files, you can use our app and easily convert any ebook to a PDF.
For example, you have downloaded from the website the file in MOBI format, or you received the file in FB2 format and you are unable to view it, we give you the opportunity - just convert it to PDF.
With our Converter you can add to task several ebook files at once, simply select the built-in file manager multiple files and click "Add".
Then, on the "Converting" page click "Convert".
And this is it. You just have to wait for the result. You can minimize the app without any limitations, the whole process will happen in background. You can see the progress of the conversion in the notifications.
The result will be saved in the specified directory; you can always change it. It will stay the same for the next application launch.

Briefly about the conversion:
1. All convert documents occur on our servers.
2. Your documents are transmitted via secure HTTPS Protocol.
3. We will not use your documents in any way. They are deleted automatically in an hour after the conversion.
4. If you have an error occurred during the conversion try again, you will succeed.

At the moment the app has no built-in PDF viewer, but you can always go into any available PDF viewer on your device.

If you have feedback or suggestions - write us.

Ebook to PDF Converter supports the following file conversions:
* EPUB to PDF converter
* MOBI to PDF converter
* FB2 to PDF converter
* and more ebook formats

Conversion happens online, hence Internet connection is required for this App to work.

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Reviews (30)

Mad. Jan 25, 2022     

SCAM! it does not work+ when you upload the file after a while it with download sth,but there will be no file...and it starts to upload the file again !!!! + after the sec time it says the connection is broken!

Jos. O. Jun 24, 2019     

TRUE that I am able to convert ebooks via this app but i havent checked its actual output in PDF and have it printed on paper. So far, on screen, it looks perfect though the links are not working once converted. Over all, it delivers and Im happy with it. Many thanks to the developers. More Power and spread more goodwill.

Ayu. J. Sep 24, 2018     

Phenomenally surprised by the way it quickly converts EPUB to PDFs, it's simply beautiful. Just with a click a large epub file can be converted to PDF and this is beyond my expectation. I would suggest all to must try this and against this great functionality if there are few ads to bear with then it's not a big deal

San. K. U. Feb 19, 2021     

Amazing app. I don't how many times i have delete files because it was not opening with pdf app, first time i got real solution for it. Good job. From my side 100% happy with this app. Keep it up, best wishes for you.

Tat. H. Jun 3, 2019     

Good, easy to navigate, effective, one-in-all application for converting a wide array of file types into Pdf; although .djvu extension files do not convert in proper format.

Kev. S. Dec 16, 2018     

This app has being helpful to me,in a variety of instances.(It's rare that the app malfunctions,as people describe it).There have being times,when i converted 20/25 books per day to pdf format.

Val. A. Apr 16, 2019     

not very intuitive at the very beginning i was unsure what to do after import a file... I didnt understanding how to convert.. then after some minutes i understood. I was able to do it and it works. thanks.

K. B. Sep 5, 2021     

This app is wonderful. Does convert files so quickly and is easy to use. Tried multiple apps before finding this one. This is the one to use.

Tam. A. Nov 5, 2018     

It simply did what was promised. I needed to read a book which I had in epub format but had no application to read it. And this app made it available in PDF. Excellent!!!

Emm. U. Feb 2, 2019     

I couldn't have asked for any better app for converting epub, mobi and other type of files to PDF. This app is amazing and it makes converting easy.

Mad. B. Aug 15, 2019     

This app is AMAZING. Probably amazing is an understatement 😂, for how much actually useful it is, and functions damn smoothly 'without any errors or getting hanged' like other apps. Thankyou for making this app, its SO effin' useful for regular Readers like me. Efforts of the makers of this app are what I'm grateful for, really. Thankyou.

Ear. D. Jul 26, 2019     

I doubted it at first but the gave it a try after reading a comments. I don't regret downloading it, easy to use and works just perfect. I LOVE IT..

Spi. K. Jul 26, 2020     

I changed my rating to 1 star, because the app now has a file limit of 100mb. There are betters apps on the market with file size limits, so this app became useless to me. Sorry, its a no from me.

San. T. S. Mar 30, 2020     

Disgusting. Downloaded the app in seconds but when I want to convert, still on the same wifi connection, no connection. It's crazy

Muh. A. Dec 14, 2018     

It very great application it does fulfill the need to learn more and it's very helpful I hope it becomes a total free project for the all world and they can use from the adds.

Lau. F. D. Feb 18, 2021     

Really helpful, I've been using a lot and didn't have problems so far, it converts fast the files!

Yod. Y. Jan 8, 2019     

loved it. Does what it tells. I was really in need of converter and it converts amazingly with good quality. Thank you for this app.

Ent. S. Apr 6, 2021     

Im not the kind of person to come back too give reviews, but I've just wasted 1.5 hours of my life to convert a EPUB to PDF from other MF apps and YOU were the only one that could do that. Thank you

kon. r. Feb 15, 2019     

Not working in latest Android os. showing " The application can't access internet" Previously it was good.

Aud. W. Apr 15, 2019     

Delete my subscription immediately. This program does not work! It better not show up on my credit card. Audry Wichelns !!!!!!!

A. G. u. Nov 25, 2018     

It really helps a lot at the time of urgent by simply converting any format of file to PDF format thank you.

Afe. I. Jun 4, 2020     

Doesn't work properly.... Have used it many times, n it gave results but recently I downloaded it on my new phone and it doesn't work. ...

A. G. u. Dec 3, 2018     

I'm so happy that I stumbled upon this app. It's very user friendly and converted my files with in minutes.

7ai. _. Apr 29, 2020     

I've been using this application from a long time.... happy to say that the new update makes it more easier... Congratulations to the team...

A. G. u. Mar 2, 2019     

good app.....quick results....before dwlding nd using it i thought its jst lyk most of the faking apps in play store...but after using it ,without considering the ads....i love to give u 5 stars...tnx for u guys to encourage reading ❤

Lul. M. Apr 1, 2022     

Best app to convert books and very easy to use.

Pas. T. M. h. Mar 16, 2022     

It is easy and fast to convert.thanks

Sam. L. Jun 20, 2019     

Waited a long time, but app didn't work, so dumped it. Real rating 0 ★s, but had to fill in 1 to post

A. G. u. Oct 25, 2018     

Despite the ads, it's a phenomenal app. I love it. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a converter.

Jus. m. Nov 22, 2021     

Get ePUBator. This app is useless because it: Hangs while converting simple pdf to epub. Ads. Monthly subscription to remove limitations etc.