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EBook Reader -- support Epub, Pdf, Mobi, Fb2...

Wit Reader — book reader allows reading books for free, offline in PDF, EPUB, MOBI, FB2, HTML, XML, JSON and TXT formats.

☆ No register
We’ve made a fast, reliable reader app that doesn't compel users to use any specific services. The book reader works offline and is entirely free. Read books for free without limits!

☆ No ads
Read books without ads. The Wit Reader program for reading books and viewing PDF documents neither contains ads nor imposes internal purchases.

☆ Navigation through a book
Support for table of contents, bookmarks, history of jumping through pages of a book. Navigate the book using the page pointer or the progress line. Quick access to reading settings, table of contents, bookmarks and other ebook options. Displays the total number of pages of a book and separately pages of a reading chapter.

☆ Convenient reading settings
Auto-saving the current reading page. Nice color modes while reading books. Multiple page flipping mode. Screen orientation, brightness adjustment, including PDF and ebook format. Adjustable font size for Epub, Mobi, Fb2 and txt.

✔ Smart ebooks search function on your device
✔ Multiple book formats support: pdf, epub, mobi, html, fb2, txt, xml, json
✔ Material Design and simple navigation - its cool
✔ Scan library for specific file and text book formats
✔ Multiple fonts sizes for best and cool reading
✔ Nice color modes while reading books
✔ Multiple page flipping mode
✔ File Manager - easily find your ebook or text file and set of enjoying reading your stories

Wit Reader – best app for reading books Epub, Mobi, Fb2 documents and PDF viewer for Android.
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Reviews (30)

hav. Dec 31, 2020     

Honestly speaking, this is a decent ebook reader, but it does have its flaws. For instance, while reading some of the epub files I have on my phone, a word, or the rest of a sentence, will get cut off, and not display on the next page. I'm not sure if that's because of my phone, or what it might be. I'm on a samsung a71. A decent fix, that doesn't complete fix the issue is to upscale text size. Still needs a proper fix, and is why I rated the app a "meh". Also needs a better way of sorting.

E. Jun 10, 2020     

It's great that it can read a variety of document formats but not occupy much storage space. Plus, its minimal- only things needed. I only have 2 issues with it. First, you can't choose specific documents to upload in the application. Sometimes, I don't want all my documents in pdf format uploaded in this application. Second, some lines are omitted as you scroll through the pages. It happens so often. I readjust the fonts and the lines show but only for the same thing to happen again.

Fáb. G. May 31, 2021     

I have been trying to find a reader that would just let me read my documents, no unnecessary features like editing a PDF and all that. This fits the bill almost perfectly: fast rendering, screen orientation. The only thing I miss is list my files by date, but other than that, it's great. Hope they implement that option and it'll be perfect.

Jos. B. Sep 22, 2021     

I've only had this app for about an hour, but I can already tell how amazing this app is. No ads or sales pitches, very simple design, and it picks right back up on the page you left off on even if you restart the phone. I was very close to buying an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, but having found this app, I've decided to hold off for a while. However, a search feature would be appreciated.

Jac. B. Dec 31, 2020     

App was working fine & I enjoyed using it. But, all of a sudden the screen flipped horizontal without me being able to change it & the menu options were no longer visible. I uninstalled, downloaded again & reinstalled but now I get an error message that the file cannot be opened when I try to launch the app. Such a pity!

Dev. S. May 23, 2020     

With few improvements it can be very good ebook reader. First you cannot rename any files in it which is very necessary. Second, there is no option for text highlighting or pencil or marker. These editing tools are very necessary these days for editing documents. And this list goes on with this app lacking many features. Pros- supports many formats -Easy layout. Cons- lacking editing tools - file rename feature not available.

Cry. W. Apr 29, 2021     

It's been working well for me so far. Before I was reading long documents in Google docs on my phone but it would randomly refresh and send me all the way back to the beginning. If I didn't remember what page I was on it was hard to get back to where I was. Now I can read in this app without it reloading and I can bookmark my place. I'm currently reading a web novel that spans 4 books in this app. Haven't had any issues with loosing my place.

Aud. W. Feb 19, 2021     

I just wanted to thank you. this is an outstanding program that was quick and easy. It allowed me to read some mobi books that went to my android phone rather than to the Amazon kindle program. I have been trying for about 3 months and tried all the rest of the programs without success. I could find no way to send them to the Amazon kindle program or to read them on my phone. Your program was a life saver! I can read them on my phone and clear some space. Thanks!

Zoe. E. Aug 16, 2020     

Super lite and easy to navigate, which I like. So far, there is an error with an important feature: The bookmark. It doesn't go back to where I've left off and does not remember bookmarks. 😢 Wish there is also an option where a user can rename a file or highlight some phrases in the ebook.

Ihe. O. Nov 25, 2020     

I love the feel of this app and would have liked to make it my go-to reader(with a 5 star rating), but I find it uncomfortable that when I zoom in on a page and keep scrolling downwards the pages aren't horizontally fixed in position and rely on my vertical scrolling precision in order to do so. This makes it stressful as my focus shifts to the left and right constantly in order to catch up with the new horizontal position of the page. That's the reason I will uninstall the app for now.

Abi. Sep 16, 2020     

Fast, clean, smooth. But as many people have said the app skips sentences from the book whenever the page turns. The first sentence on a page doesn't finish the last one from the previous page. We also can't search of highlight. Good luck!

A. J. Jun 20, 2020     

Works when nothing else would open a document I needed. Only downside is that I don't think you can highlight anything, I couldn't figure it out at least. You can bookmark and opens back to your last spot when you close the app. Not bad!!!

Spi. P. Sep 4, 2020     

I've tested out a few ereaders today because I have one huge 50mb textbook that I'm working with and my normal ereader (Readera) failed to render math equations. This one does succeed in rendering the book but it's the slowest of all the apps I've tested. Takes around 15s to load a chapter of this huge book, about 5s for a normal 500kb book. Also doesn't seem to have a continuous scroll mode or many options at all. It does render the book correctly, including math equations, however.

Ham. M. Sep 6, 2021     

When I use this for the 1st time, it was a great introduction for an ads-free non-premium apps. The UI is nice and the UX run rather smoothly on my old device. However the apps suddenly forced close for a few times. I hope the developer could fix the issue.

Apa. G. Jun 29, 2021     

I use a secondary SD card. When I scan it refuses to even acknowledge I have it in there. Making it so I'm completely unable to access any books I have in my phone. Unless they're first transferred over to my internal storage. Maybe I'm just not seeing something but I can't find any way to work with it.

Gav. G. Mar 10, 2021     

The word "roof" was split between lines as "ro-of." The line at the end of a page was copied to the top of the following page. Italics are completely ignored and written normally. Honestly this reader is complete garbage. But it does have a dark mode, and there are no ads, so I give it two stars.

Bes. B. Sep 6, 2020     

It recognizes all items it can read. Makes it user friendly. Although I have just installed it, it seems very practical to me. Can you add an option to organize files, by type, alphabetical, etc.? Or maybe it has but I have not seen it

Joe. G. Jun 3, 2020     

I much prefer reading physical books, but some Indy publishers can only send e-books for reviews or research for author events at festivals, so I needed a reader for my phone. Delighted to find this one auto scaled text to good size for phone screen, easy to read, swipe pages, bookmark etc. Will be making more use of it!

Ale. H. Jun 7, 2020     

excellent app: that translate feature was just what i needed. one suggestion though: it would be nice to have the option to hide the page number on the bottom right as it can get distracting sometimes. nevertheless, brilliant, thanks for making this.

Sip. N. K. May 1, 2020     

It does exactly what it says it does. 100% for face validity. I love the fact that I don't have go look for folders coz I get a lot of books from telegram channels. It scans and picks up all docs on my phone and all the filters are there... love it

Nel. S. Jan 29, 2020     

So far it is ok. If there is a glitch it will take time to reveal itself. E Book reading is again becoming popular choice of people. Those come in different formats. All we need, a single app which can help as a master key to all the e books of different encrypted formats.

swo. Jan 8, 2021     

A fine enough ebook reader. However, the dark mode also blacks-out everything besides the text, including the book's images and even the top bar contents (time, charge percentage, notification icons, etc.), rendering the reader useless for my needs.

Lif. i. ?. May 21, 2021     

Please add an option of setting the screen off after 5 or 10 minutes of inactivity and a disable mode of the feature unless it is touched by fingers. Also, it would be nice if we could put locks in some books if we want so that others using the app cannot read them. Thankyou.

Jiv. F. Jan 16, 2021     

I can't change the brightness. I have to keep going to phone settings to adjust brightness. Also, on the third size setting for the text, every now and then a line of text is repeated from the bottom of one page to the top of the next. Just then a line was missed out from one page to the next. I had to change to the second size setting to find out what was written.

Gag. Jan 14, 2021     

Overall it is a pretty good app for what it is, but I would like to see some improvements to the zoom feature as it kinda messes with the page swipe. Also, if there was some way to change the color without changing the pictures in the book that would be incredible, but I'm not sure how you would get that to work.

Wen. A. May 4, 2021     

All my books are displayed clearly in both the grid and listing layout.big icons make the book i want easy to find. I enjoy the vertical scrolling more than the swipe gesture most book readers use and I also like that it can force my pdfs into dark mode. Overall very happy with the reading experience

Rah. M. Sep 4, 2021     

I will give 4 star bec it lacks margin adjustment setting and dark theme should include gray like Lithium app for epub. This doesn't work epub hyperlinks in navigation to sections. So it's great that it supports smart book format like epub but features are to be improved. It is very good and has no ads. It can be the best app with few improvements if you combine Lithium and WPS pdf features.

cho. Jun 15, 2021     

Best app for reading ebook, But I have some suggestions, please add highlight feature, sometimes I needed to mark or highlight some unique or important words so I could find it easily when I need it. And other feature need to be added is search function to find word, which I think a fundamental and important function for a doc reader app.

Can. A. Jun 6, 2020     

A good quality epub/mobi reader. It has similar function to the Kindle app, but is not bound to Kindle only resources. Either Lacks a highlighter option or I haven't found it yet. A solid choice for your e-reading needs. 👍

Jud. R. Jul 5, 2020     

Used this app to read a book series in a mobi format and found numerous issues with page continuity. Words or complete sentences would repeat upon page turning. I reported it to the author and we tested it using specific pages with .pdf formatted readers. Problem was with this app! Now I cannot open the book at all. :-(