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eBooker: convert & send eBooks

With eBooker, You can create eBooks from files on Your device, or web, and send them to Your Kindle reader.Create eBooks even from documents on the web
- share web link with eBooker and it will download file, convert it, and send it to Your reader.All converted eBooks will be saved on Your device in “eBooks” folder.
User guide: 1. On first launch, or from settings menu, set Your Kindle e-mail address

2. Select file that should be converted:

- If file is on device: Press “BROWSE” button, navigate to desired folder and select appropriate file Note: Special app, File Manager or File Explorer, is required on Your device to browse files and folders.

- If it is web page: In browser select “Share” button and select eBooker from the list of programs. Note: If a web page is not displayed correctly on your Kindle, go to the program settings and turn on the forced conversion to the eBook format.

- If file is on the web: Copy link to the file (long press on link, then select “copy link location”) and paste link into eBooker (long press on field with “http://” hint)

3. Press “CONVERT” button

4. When conversion is finished press “SEND” button and select desired application to send e-mail with eBook to Your Kindle reader

5. Successfully converted eBook will be saved on device in "eBooks" folder.

- Browse Your device for existing documents.
- Share html pages with application to convert & send them to Your reader.
- You don't need to download files before converting, just paste links to supported file formats from the web into application.
- All converted files can be saved on Your device in "eBooks" folder.
- Supports a lot of popular formats: .fb2, .fb2.zip, .epub, .docx, .txt, .html, .mobi, .azw, .azw3.
- With Premium subscription convert files without size limitations and advertisement.

- Only DRM-free files are supported.
- To configure e-mail address for Kindle visit https://www.amazon.com/myk#manageDevices
- We don’t guarantee successful file conversion neither in Free or Premium subscription
- Have found a mistake? Write to us at b8wordstudio@gmail.com

* eBooker is not affiliated or related to Amazon.com in any way.
* Amazon, Kindle, Echo, Alexa, Dash, Fire and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/b8Word/

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Reviews (30)

Ali. A. K. Oct 16, 2019     

Ok, installed the new version and it seems to work pretty flawlessly. The UI is not terribly intiative at first but is simple and once you get the hang of it works pretty good. I converted epub to mobi with no problem although the file size almost doubled for some reason the book reads well and formatting is fine. Changed my rating to 4 stars, good work guys

Ben. H. Jul 27, 2021     

I've been using this app for years, now, and it's always been easy to use and dependable. It converts quickly, stores your Kindle e-mail so you can send it quickly, and it's been able to convert anything that I can actually open in other apps. This is just a great app, and that's all there really is to it.

A. G. u. Jan 28, 2019     

only works sometimes. the last update seems to have been in 2017, so it's safe to say we're not getting any improvements. i'll still try to use it, because i don't know of any alternatives, but it's getting on my nerves. edit: and the full screen ads are a pain. i wouldn't mind them so much if the app actually worked, though.

Man. Oct 23, 2020     

No instructions within the app, you must come here to the Play Store for that. On sharing from the browser, the eBooker UI displayed as a web page, with some buttons to guess at - no explanation. The book-style button converted the page, but trying to go back to original article crashed both eBooker and the browser. The checkmark button opens the phone's email app; I'd rather send direct, by adding this to the approved list in Kindle settings, as with SendtoReader or FiveFilters (in Windows).

Mar. S. Jan 23, 2019     

Best Kindle converter Does exactly what it says it does, without useless endless options. Converts to .mobi format, and that's it. Then you send it to your Kindle email address, and bum! You are done

Pau. S. May 15, 2019     

best so far! other converters try to charge or don't allow me to copy words to the clipboard which i need as I'm learning a language and need to get the word out to Translate, and I can title it in kindle. MINOR down side is it needs internet.

Mik. B. Dec 24, 2018     

Excellent app for converting epub to mobi and then quick upload to my Kindle. Haven't tried the other options or formats yet but the results I have so far are very good.

Aca. Y. Q. Sep 5, 2021     

What happened? I can't send my files to kindle anymore, the file gets stuck in the "10% loading" thing!! Can you please help??

Dya. P. Nov 12, 2019     

Rubbish! Can't get it to convert anything so I tried sending an already converted book to my kindle but it wouldn't work either. A great idea in principle but absolutely useless!

chr. l. Dec 5, 2018     

Used this on 20+ books with only problems caused by my ignorance. Will probably upgrade so I can send directly to kindle.

Amb. W. Dec 17, 2018     

Instantly deleted. Didn't work, non-intuitive interface.

ros. f. Apr 27, 2020     

Perfect. would be better if can convert multiple files at the same time

Viv. Apr 22, 2022     

It only gives acces to send web pages to kindle, on the free version.

A. G. u. Oct 30, 2018     

Easy to use, does what it advertises. Not so disrupting ads. Thanks! Gonna get my reading on

Viv. S. Jun 27, 2019     

it automatically converts files to .mobi and sends to my kindle archive. Now i can read anything on kindle.

Mel. M. Jan 10, 2022     

This app is easy to use. less ads. And works really well

Him. J. Nov 29, 2018     

It lets you convert files to mobi and send it to your Kindle email ID. Simple interface

Mat. H. Dec 29, 2018     

didnt actually convert any format presented to it. not even one.

Chr. W. May 4, 2019     

Fails without any detailed error message, not very intuitive.

bar. j. May 18, 2019     

Does the job. Lots of ads, is slow, and you have to do it one at a time, but it does the job.

Bre. C. Jun 11, 2020     

Doesn't work and there aren't any directions or help section. Probably spy app

Tet. D. Jan 5, 2019     

used to work on the first day but suddenly getting failed messages

Kon. R. Jan 23, 2019     

Awesome app. thanks to the developers. It works out very well. Best app in this genre.

D'a. B. Oct 10, 2020     

Easy to use and coverts PDF to Mobi as well!

Tom. B. Dec 11, 2018     

Terrible app failed to convert a PDF to kindle format

Dee. R. C. Dec 27, 2019     

Not detecting epub files. After an update

Dan. V. Apr 13, 2019     

does what is say and the premium version is more than affordable.

Ern. P. May 14, 2019     

Works but instructions are not clear enough

Zai. H. Aug 3, 2019     

awful. kept failing and did not offer explanation

Aru. A. May 3, 2019     

Worst app, please don't install waste of time and money