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eCar PRO (OBD2 Car Diagnostic)

Transform your android mobile device into a car diagnostic scan tool using eCAR PRO and the aid of a low-cost Bluetooth OBD2 adapter. Read & clear engine fault codes and view a multitude of engine sensors in real time for OBDII compliant cars (in US: model yrs 1996 & up). Gain access to your vehicle's ECU and monitor emission systems, engine performance, & catalytic converters. View comparisons on O2 sensors & fuel trim banks; Set/View alarms: speed (user adjustable), coolant temperature, battery, fuel, & rpm. Read quarter (¼) mile & 0-60 mph Timers, Fuel Economy, CO2 Analysis, VIN, Torque, Horsepower & More!
An OBD Bluetooth adapter that connects to your car’s engine management OBD port is required. Common adapters include BAFX, ELM327, OBDLink LX, Kiwi, & VGate and can be purchased on websites such as eBay or Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/BAFX-Products-Bluetooth-diagnostics-Android/dp/B005NLQAHS). eCAR connects to secure & insecure adapters.

eCAR PRO is a powerful OBDII scanner designed by a team of programmers, graphic designers, and top car mechanics. eCAR’s UI is comprehensive, intuitive and designed for ease-of-use for car enthusiasts and the DIY car repair mechanic. Additional details:DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes): Check & clear Check Engine Light (CEL). View confirmed, pending, and historic DTC. Continuous monitoring available for viewing engine fault codes as they appear in real time. Already have a DTC from another code reader? Then use the built in DTC SES Library to retrievedescriptions & HUM.

Emission Readiness (Mode 6): There are up to 11 monitors that check the emission system on gasoline engines; 9 on compression (Diesel) engines. Informs the user if the vehicle is unlikely to pass emission tests. Displays additional info stored in vehicle’s ECU, eg. mode, time/distance MIL on, etc.

Gauges & Alarms: Contains several car gauges with preset alarms. User adjustable speedometer alarm available with On/Off alarm sound.

Vehicle Sensors: Engine sensor data is displayed in real-time in Gauge, Graph, and Text formats. Enhanced gauges specific to each sensor are provided. Relevant sensor parameters are shown on each gauge including Min & Max values. Includes adjustable graph time axis.

Temperature Sensors: View readings for all available temperature sensors. In addition to coolant temperature; air intake, catalyst (catalytic converters), ambient air, and oil temperatures can be viewed. Temperature alarm for coolant overheat is available.

Oxygen Sensors: View real-time O2 sensor values and monitor the health of the vehicle’s catalytic converters. Performs a comparison of O2 sensors.

Fuel Trim: Some of the most common fault codes are related to fuel trim. View comparisons of Short & Long term data for each Bank in real time.

Fuel Economy: Monitor instant MPG, average fuel economy, & fuel level. A CO2 gauge is provided to assist in monitoring the amount of CO2 the vehicle releases. This activity has been credited with assisting drivers improve their driving habits while reducing fuel consumption.

Timers: eCAR features a trip timer, 0-60 mph & ¼ mile race timers; for the metric users among us, 0-100 kmh and 400 meter timers are available. Includes Countdown & Auto Speed Detect. The Timer & method of execution provide the most accurate speed timer for OBD applications on the market today!

Torque & Horsepower: Don’t have your own torque dyno/dynamo-meter? Don’t worry! eCAR mobile app can calculate live data for Horsepower & Torque.

More: Includes options for units, color scheme, & graph speed. eCAR can read 100+ vehicle sensors and doesn't require software plug-ins. Tested on Audi, BMW, Buick, Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, KIA, Mercedes, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Pontiac, Renault, Seat, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen, VW, ...

Please note that available sensors vary by vehicle make & model.

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