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This is the beta version of our app. The full app is still under development .

We are 5 friends from Frisco, TX. With so many nations coming together at the Climate Summit in Paris, we know there is strength in ideas. But perhaps, while we wait for the 1 big idea, we need something more…we need people to believe that their 1 small act can have mirco impacts, and that those ripples, will become waves of action which creates change. We believe micro-projects, when done by many, create deep impact that will heal our earth. We just need to encourage people that there 1 little act of recycling, using a reusable water bottle, biking to work or school, and many more micro-challenges, will make a difference, if we can just join together. But more people are motivated by reward, competition, gaming. There needs to be a more competitive spirit to make the environment around us a better place. There needs to be more students and teens getting involved in preserving our planet, our home.

We are in development to gamify our app, but in the meantime, visit our website EcoChallengeWithFriends.weebly.com, our central hub for resources, forums, Kahoots! and connect with us on Twitter to accept our daily #ecochallenge for prizes, (mailed within the U.S.).

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