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Edge of Tomorrow Game

The epic sci-fi thriller game of “Edge of Tomorrow” unfolds in a near future in which an alien race has hit the Earth in an unrelenting assault, unbeatable by any military unit in the world.

Category : Arcade

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Reviews (30)

Kur. K. Aug 23, 2015     

Tried linking to Facebook and it's now just stuck in a cycle of screen flashing between trying to log into Facebook and then back to the games setting screen over and over. Force closing the app and power cycling my phone doesn't fix it. This game was interesting and would like to keep playing but I can't even get to the play screen anymore.

And. H. Jun 6, 2014     

Can't wait to watch the movie. On and I think least for my device it gets some lag trying to aim and id like a fixed move button I find those are eazier to controll for more fine movments probly cuz I play system games etherwise really awsome I could be #1 if I didn't have lag still awsome grade a game espesialy the concept of movie and blah

Ada. P. Jul 12, 2014     

For a game created by Warner Bros. the game is a let down. Multiple issues with textures on the ground becoming see through as well as invisible walls. The game also crashes periodically whilst I'm playing, making me begin from the start which stops me from completing the very first objective. Decent gameplay otherwise.

Pro. Nov 29, 2014     

Not like film. Mimics only go 4 player not AI s and spawn next to u and also block ur path all time and r too fast and too deadly. Make controls better too coz they make game too hard and the controls suck. Also AI s walk through walls and don't deal damage to mimics. Plz fix for 5 stars. Game is ok though.

Chr. Jun 29, 2014     

Quite boring to replay the beginning over and over with little progress. Initial hero is too weak, has insufficient ammo. Unlocking better character is possible only after you are forced to share screenshot on facebook. But I do not want to promote the game without seeing that it is really worth it. And it looks like it is not worth it.

Hon. L. Jun 29, 2015     

It's a good game I like it alot but their are two things i don't like about it. One is that it shuts down when I'm playing and Two when you leave the game it goes back to the beginning where you started. I wished we can at least save the part where we was at. It will be less stressful PLEASE FIX THIS GAME AS SOON AS YOU CAN IT'S FUN AND CREATIVE IF YOU DO YOU'LL HAVE FIVE STARS

Chr. C. Apr 2, 2015     

1st person shooter, graphics are just passable as is game play but disappearing textures (inc the whole floor), serious slow down (galaxy note 2 & also 4) and random force closes ruin the whole thing. Feels like a half finished app was released. Maybe worth it after some serious updates.

dud. l. w. Sep 16, 2015     

Changed my mind hate game and can't be bothered constantly checking for updates as devs don't seem to care. Not visiting page again as it is clearly a waste of my time. Edit seems like I can play it but so laggy and so much bad graphics it's still just as unplayable.

Big. S. Feb 7, 2015     

The mimics move too fast and your energy level isn't enough for u to even last long. I'm a gamer that plays similar games so difficulty isn't an issue, but this one's enemies move too fast and they move around a lot. U die before u get a chance to do anything. Nice graphics and everything, but I'm uninstalling.

Kay. G. Jun 15, 2015     

Everyone is saying the game is lagging but ot isnt for me. I am addicted to it and I am not even a gamer. I watched the movie because Emily Blunt is in it (and she's like my idol) and I fell in love with it, so I went onto the play store and found this game. I didn't think it would be as good as the movie but it kind of is because it feels like you are Cage or Rita, it feels like you are in the game. 5 🌟's for sure. A definite 👍s up.

Ste. M. May 30, 2015     

Finally got a chance to play this and was expecting big things. But there's only 1 f***ing level worst game ever based off of a movie. Who ever thought this was a good idea needs to be fired for doing such a horrible job. 1) the graphics suck 2) there's only 1 level and 3) this plain old just sucks.

Cha. D. Mar 15, 2017     

Bad game, pointless game. Ypu play just a single mission over and over again! And unlock character by sharing their game screenshots! Though it never works, it always fails to share photos. By the way, don't get blown away if you've seen the movie of the same name, you simply can not expect that kind'a story in this game of 107 MB.

Eke. E. Jul 10, 2014     

Loved the pictures, ignored previous reviews hoping my phone will be overcome the unfortunate shutdown of the application. I will give a zero star. Of all the reviews yet nothing has been done. Its a shame for Warner Bros to get their name in this mess.

Jer. C. Aug 16, 2014     

For those of you saying its to hard, that's the point an unbeatable alien race. Read the game description. But a little tip to you all having a hard time, don't go Rambo the game, stick with another solider they will help you till you get to the end. Once you level up your weapons then Rambo it to try and get top score.

HPm. Oct 25, 2014     

It's a great game, good graphics and story line is entertaining how they include clips of the film, however, I feel like the enemy pick on you and not go for any other soldier, and another bug is how it crashes all the time, it has the potential all they Ave to do is fix these things and ill be giving it a 5 star

Put. t. G. Jun 24, 2014     

I think the only way you'll really fully appreciate this game is if you seen the movie. About ps2 graphics, very short gameplay, but because the gameplay changes it can be enjoyable to play several times, and it was done the way it should be done in general for that movie. I would like to see controller support also. (played on Nvidia shield, Tegra 4, 2 gigs of ram, 720 p, KitKat 4.4.2)

Car. T. Jun 8, 2014     

This is a very, very fast paced game. Awesome graphics and music, excellent sound design. Very addictive, and challenging. Be advised: this game requires a huge amount of resources (CPU, GPU, RAM) and a very recent device to run as it should, so don't complain about performance issues. It takes forever to reload the ammo, but that's life on the battleground, I suppose. Warner has made a great job with this game, as always. My only complain: the game asks you to post a FB screenshot to unlock Vrataski's character, and that's a bummer as I don't have (or plan to have) a FB.

A. G. u. Jun 30, 2017     

Game is Great, just like movie. Everything about the game is addictive. One thing "I am not be able to share screenshot on Facebook, it's just keep refreshing again and again. I just want to move to next level but that isn't possible without sharing screenshot on Facebook according to Gameplay... Please Fix or suggest. I will rate 5 star and will all my friends also(They are also waiting for solution)

Ale. S. Nov 4, 2015     

I like the live, Die, Repeat mechanic in the game and wish that they further developed it. Cool concept, but not greatly presented. Worth a look though. Also, I wouldn't suggest playing the game anywhere else than inside the closest fridge or one of earth's poles as it overheats your phone quickly.

Rey. V. Jun 9, 2014     

Great graphics. Decent gameplay. But problem is it doesnt give you the choice to reload. Its pretty difficult. Just as crazy as it gets in the movie and gives you that feel. Not bad at all. :) love the movie and this game is fair enough. TOTALLY SMOOTH ON MY S4. It really has a sharp quality of graphics. If it crashes on your phone. Crush your phone! Dont try it on galaxy Y, or other cheap phones then complain.

Alb. K. May 28, 2015     

I would give this a 5 out of 5 but the camera goes berserk way to much to even enjoy the game to the fullest, even for a short time. If at all possible please add a joystick style aiming system, it would stabilize the controls a bit more and definitely make this a 5 out of 5 for me. I really enjoy the game and would love to keep playing if at all possible. But the camera jerks make it hard to aim or even walk. I agree with it when the player is hit by a mimic or rocket, but not randomly, even being still.

Sha. B. Jun 22, 2014     

I LOVE this movie, and this game did not disappoint. I'll admit that game play was not very long, I finished it in about 15 minutes, but it is enjoyable. The graphics are very good, I had no problems with lagging, the controls are very simple to use and game play is smooth and easy to follow. The enemy moves fast, just like in the movie, but it is not over the top or impossible to defeat. Great job! :)

Kia. R. Jan 16, 2015     

On my Xperia T2 Ultra it would close during gameplay but after I flashed or modified my phone with cynagenmod 11 it now runs flawless. Just wanted people to know Sony even allows it. Go to xda developers website for more info from people on the forum there. This is not spam but do know it takes a bit of work. Crazy I had to mod my phone to get the game to work though that wasn't my original intention for modding.

Jus. T. Jun 16, 2014     

The game itself is pretty decent considering its mobile, would reccomend using a more..... Up to date engine though. The character models look OK, mimics look like the movie, would like to see some lighting effects or something and better landscape detail and textures. If this ran on like cryengine and had a full out game I would definitely buy it on PC. But as a mobile game its OK. Would love to see how Gameloft would make this game since they're more into the mobile games

Max. Mar 12, 2017     

What the hell is up with the Facebook login? First it won't even let me log in, then it spamms me with "you have already authorized Edge of tommorow game. I KNOW I AUTHORIZED IT! I PUSHED THE AUTHORISE BUTTON! Know it won't let me play, because every time I push OK, cancell or the X, it just reopens it... not raising this rateing until it stops spamming me. Also have reported this app to FaceBook for exessive request for information.

Joe. M. Jun 5, 2014     

All good and fluid on my Sony Z1 compact. Hard game but great gfx. To the whining little bitches on here...face the facts if you experience lag or fc it's because you bought the wrong phone that's slow and you're trying to play today's new titles. Fail.

Tre. B. Jun 7, 2014     

This is honestly the best game I've played on a mobile device, my only issue is that when the guns reload they take forever then I end up getting killed by a swarm because I can't just reload them myself when I want to. It's just a minor inconvenience though. Not something that totally ruins it.

Sea. C. Aug 5, 2014     

Captures the feeling of the first time we see the beach scene in the movie perfectly. Easy to get the hang of the controls but it quickly throws you off with some terrifying enemies. Ammo is always running low which adds to the pressure. I died over and over but each time was prepared with a new strategy for tackling the next section - just like the film. Overall a nice way to kill some time, very impressive for a mobile game, and it's free!

Chr. C. Jul 8, 2015     

I love it but I'm using an android and it won't let me login into Facebook to put me on the leaderboards. And when I try it fails then I have to uninstall/reinstall the game in order to play again. Please help. P.s... A reload button would be very useful

sug. j. Mar 20, 2016     

It downloads half the additional files & then says, "Downloading failed because you may not have purchased this app"... In that case, where's the payment page?!! Something has to load to even do that... And why did the game got downloaded at all if payment was necessary to see even the first page, why is the game free on playstore in the first place.