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EMT Exam for Dummies

Career opportunities are abundant for certified EMTs, and this straightforward guide increases your chances of scoring higher on the computer-adaptive and practical portions of the exam so you can get out in the field and dispense lifesaving medical care. EMT Exam For Dummies takes the intimidation out of the test, offering everything you need to prepare for.

The full version includes:

• 120+ practice questions with detailed images
• 90+ critical exam topics and resources
• Two full length 120-question practice exams
• Detailed explanations of all answers
• Hundreds to tips and strategies to pass your exam
• Immediate feedback to track your progress

EMT Exam For Dummies has everything you need to succeed as an EMT and continue your training, and with an easy-to-read style and focus on the most important details, you'll be ready to pass the exam in no time!

Our Customer Success Team is available from 8am to 6pm, Monday - Friday (except on major holidays).

Call us at 319-246-5299 and email us at medical@hltcorp.com with any questions.

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Reviews (30)

Cal. P. Oct 20, 2020     

App is 20 a month on. I would pay 20 for the full app but not on a monthly basis. EMT classes are generally less than 4 months and there is an option to buy the app for a full year. Having this app as a subscription service just seems a bit silly. I'll stick to apps I don't have to worry about cancelling my subscription to after 2 months and just pay someone $20 outright

A. G. u. Apr 9, 2020     

By far the best formatted questions available anywhere. The key to passing NREMT it's to understand how to give the best answer and this will help you do just that. Passed in 70 and couldn't have done it without this app.

A. G. u. Feb 17, 2019     

The EMT for Dummies has been a great help yo me practicing for NREMT test. Allows me to immediately see answers and why, and had multiple oprions for taking tests and quizzes. Also, there are sections that describe how NREMT testing works which is a great help.

A. G. u. Apr 1, 2019     

Good content but $10/month is too pricey when there are other great options out there for less.

A. G. u. Oct 29, 2018     

Worth Every Penny! Cheapest exam prep App, but has the most content. Very helpful. Passed my first time!

A. G. u. Oct 8, 2019     

Extremely helpful, all scenerio based questions which will similar to the national. Passed with 70 questions.

A. G. u. Oct 19, 2018     

The only problem is I cant get these new lung sounds. I have the subscription.

reg. l. Feb 8, 2022     

Sucked app will not load right

A. G. u. Nov 7, 2018     

The app was okay, but it would be better if you didn't have to pay just to practice more questions.

Han. H. Apr 14, 2021     

I love this app it works great for the testing

Lea. L. Sep 29, 2020     

I am into the EMT stage this app will definately prepare my mind for it

Ken. Jun 9, 2021     

This book is great!

A. G. u. Aug 16, 2018     

I downloaded this app as an already state certified emt that is prepping to take the national registry exam for our relocation from nc state to florida. It has been a great help so far and hope to continue to love it

A. G. u. Aug 2, 2018     

Loving it so far. Super helpful and so many features to help you succeed. Based off of the other reviews I'm hoping this app helps me pass my exam as well!

A. G. u. Jul 16, 2018     

This app is great, good review content, and best of all this app helped me pass my nremt took it on a saturday morning, got my results monday morning, also the nremt test cut me off around 80 questions which made me really nervous because i read that wheb it cuts you off early you either did really good or really bad. Anyways thank you guys for creating such an amazing app. Keep up the great work

A. G. u. Mar 17, 2018     

One of the best apps if you pay for it

A. G. u. Feb 12, 2018     

Excellent questions and explanations. This app is the most difficult I've experienced. I should be ready for my NREMT Recertification by Exam.

A. G. u. Feb 12, 2018     

It's Great!

A. G. u. Aug 16, 2017     

Used the free premium trial the day before taking the NREMT. Great review with lots of scenario questions and clear explanations for each question!

A. G. u. Jun 7, 2017     

Questions were very close to the actual questions on the NREMT exam. Passed on my first try with the help of this app! Definitely recommend it. Better than several other test prep apps I tried.

A. G. u. Apr 29, 2017     

So useful! I found this study app super helpful. Let's you figure out your weak areas. The thing I love most is it gives you explanations for the answers.

A. G. u. Sep 16, 2017     

Some of these question answers are just wrong. One was patient has chest pain and breathing 36 breaths a minute after fight with gf. "correct" answer was low flow oxygen via nasal canula? No bvm? 36breaths/min?

A. G. u. Sep 3, 2017     

$40 USD is too much. Quite generic - covers multiple EMT levels. Is from ambulance EMT perspective.

A. G. u. Jun 7, 2017     

I think the explanation of the logic behind the questions is beneficial.

A. G. u. Sep 29, 2017     

The app is 100%similar to the nremt.computer test questions

A. G. u. Sep 15, 2017     

It's a really great app. Love it!

A. G. u. May 10, 2017     

Well explained material

A. G. u. Mar 26, 2017     

It's very useful

A. G. u. Dec 8, 2017     

I just passed the NREMT because of this app. The questions are so close to what you see on the test, maybe even a bit harder. It prepared me and then some. I was sure I failed when it stopped at 70, and I couldn't believe it when I found out I passed. It has been 7 months since I finished basic and when I first started with this app, I realized I was in trouble..I'd forgotten so much. This brought it all back to me, and is worth every single penny. I can't say enough good things here...just..thank you so much to the makers of this app. Now..on to medic school!

dwa. b. Oct 20, 2021     

Love it