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Endoscope Camera

WIFI phone endoscope, through the APP can real-time observation of human eyes can not see the slit, to take pictures, video, playback, compact size, easy to carry, through the WiFi wireless network, you can quickly connect to smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc. Terminal and so on.

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Reviews (7)

DPa. S. f. Mar 19, 2021     

I does work with my phone and is very good, but it has adds and difficult buttons...I use this for work and it's hard to tell if I got the picture I was wanting. Also when done, I have to force stop the App otherwise it will continue to run in the background. Adds are annoying.

Err. C. Jul 10, 2021     

used across 3 phones now... been easy & intuitive to use, & critically super reliable & quick (for batteries time!)👌

Joh. V. Nov 27, 2018     

It is not an android camera but an on-line camera app, needs internet to work.

DD. f. T. Apr 23, 2021     

The app tells me that it is set up for an older version when I have Android 10.0.

Jay. C. Jun 27, 2021     

really cool but i cant get the scope i got for this to work and idk what to do

tom. l. Jul 3, 2019     

good quality after updated

Tre. B. Sep 23, 2021     

Not very successful...