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Endoscope HD Camera

DOWNLOAD VERSION FOR ANDROID 10 HERE: http://gto.so/echd.apk
Note: Can only be used for Special USB/OTG Camera.
The App is use for HD USB/OTG cameras which connected to Android Phones. It supports 1080p and 4K USB cameras live preview and video recording. Multi-Cameras connections supported.
With native video decode technologies, there is no obvious delays, and works well smoothly in HD video mode.
It supports Android 4.4 - Android 9. And it can be widely used for external USB cameras, USB endoscopes, USB otoscopes, USB microscope and so on.
Your phone/tablet must support OTG mode first.

Category : Tools

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Reviews (30)

Bil. U. Jun 8, 2020     

Works great on an LG G4... Exactly what I was looking for. Opens automatically full screen for full view of my OTG Endoscope when I plug it in and tapping on the screen shows the option to record video or take photos. No intrusive ads taking up valuable screen real estate. Thank you!

Bra. D. Aug 2, 2019     

Doesn't work on my galaxy s9. Neither does the standard version app. All I get is a black screen to preview. I checked for compatibility, that's good. the device lights up when connected, but no preview...

nic. m. Aug 9, 2020     

The camera function works well, but there's always a banner across the screen that says "Upgrade to version 10". Its very distracting and no way to upgrade. I would if I could.

Mar. S. Jun 29, 2019     

Hi developers app is nice but only one think if you can change or fix is automatic exposure when you switch off to all manual it look like exposure is still auto and when lighting condition are changed pictures become blurred,if you can please do every option to me full manual thank you.

Ste. A. Oct 13, 2019     

Software shows a popup when the camera is attached, while screen shows "you must attach camera first". Software can't even agree with itself, much less work. Absolute junk.

Bao. T. Oct 22, 2019     

Does not detect the camera even though the latest version claims compatibility with Android 10, making both hardware and software currently useless. Hope the developer releases some fixes soon, the I'll update this review.

Jon. C. Mar 8, 2021     

I'm operating on the note 20 Ultra with a HD camera connected to my (working) video capture card to USB type C into my phone and I keep getting the "please connect to the camera. also make sure your phone OTG Mode is open" message. I run an OTG Checker and all is fine. I installed the latest apk file and still have no joy.

Lar. M. Nov 6, 2020     

Works for a few seconds then freezes. May or not display 'Connect USB camera banner.' TIRED of halfa**D apps which almost, sorta kinda work. Hire a competent programmer.

Tra. G. Feb 19, 2021     

Works on Samsung S21 5G but when using a Teslong endoscope it has an annoying banner in the video area wanting you to update to the Android 10 version. Wants you to install an APK from a website. Sorry, unsafe. Why is the Android 10 version not available in the play store? Please update the app.

Ain. S. Jul 19, 2019     

App does not work. Neither does the other app that is recommended. First app just hangs on loading. This app just has screen saying please connect the phone. Frustrating

Kri. S. Jul 20, 2020     

Please add an option to flip the display horizontally. The image is not mirrored, so movements are opposite of what they should be.

Pet. H. Aug 8, 2019     

no good, didn't work with "Chinese endoscope" after that one's software upgraded and no longer recognised the camera when plugged in. this software is the same.

Jud. A. Nov 7, 2020     

Perfect for using my phone as pc monitor and PS4 monitor. I only hope that there is a paid versiob that you can also play audio via HDMI. Otherwise perfect app!

Mic. H. Aug 13, 2019     

Doesn't work on my mediapad, neither does the other app. The little light comes on, that is all. All I wish is that tge vendor of the camera told me I had to use this app before I bought. Would have saved me some money if I could read yhe reviews before.

Sud. K. Oct 21, 2020     

Cheap $10 hdmi to usb from Amazon + sony a6600 works great with my pixel 3. This app does exactly what it says, shows the feed from USB input. Lag is less than the official sony app.

Kav. K. Jan 25, 2020     

Doesn't work (android 10) it tells me to download a direct link to another app. Other reviews say that it works....but seems creepy. I won't download off a random server.

Mic. Oct 9, 2019     

By far the best non working app for USB camera. If been through 10 already. None work but this one has the best options by far.

Sam. G. Jul 10, 2020     

For all those submitting one star for the "GET VERSION FOR ANDROID 10" no working...You MUST download the APK manually and install as the application IS NOT published on the Google Play App Store! Feedback has been submitted to the developer to post the update to the App Store but until then you must manually download the APK, install the APK (allow applications from unknown sources/"Install unknown apps"), and proceed with the application "update"/upgrade that way. The link to the application is opened for a short time when you click the "GET VERSION FOR ANDROID 10" button but unless Google Chrome has the "Install unknown apps" permissions BEFORE you click the update button in the Endoscope application then nothing productive will happen. As always when installing applications outside of the Google PlayApp Store scan the APK with VirusTotal (just Google for a link) to ensure the APK is reasonably virus/malicious code free. The link for the Android 10 Endoscope APK is gto.so/echd.apk

LaT. T. May 16, 2020     

Trash. App doesn't work. It keeps saying I need to download some upgrade and when I click the link to download it nothing happens.

Rob. M. Oct 7, 2019     

Pushed onto here from endoscope camera app, but neither now works. Thanks for making this camera useless 10/6/19: tried again in Android 10 with updated app and it still does not work.

Joh. M. Sep 27, 2020     

Works great with my teslong rifle bore scope. To cut glare I went to settings while attached to teslong and unchecked auto brightness & contrast and I set my own values.

Dom. P. Jan 5, 2020     

I will NOT download a version that is not on the play store. I need the android 10 version but the company says to download it from a link. That's as good way to get malware.

TK. Feb 20, 2020     

The camera works on my Samsung Galaxy A (2019). The app has no focus or zoom but still gets 5 stars, because I can make it work for what I am doing.

Bre. S. Jun 28, 2019     

this app was recommended to use with an otoscope camera i bought off amazon, and it works perfectly. i plug in the camera, and am then prompted to open the app

All. N. Nov 5, 2019     

Doesn't even openup the APP. All it says connect camera and down load camera APP from google Play Store, how come it is there without it. Just a conn.

hez. Sep 19, 2020     

My phone is Nokia 2.1. It is simple and perfect. A lot of other apps does not work for my phone.

V. M. Oct 15, 2019     

Doesn't work at all. Absolute waste. Camera lights are already on but app says cant connect..

Ste. B. Aug 20, 2020     

DO NOT DOWNLOAD It will take you to a third party apk which is the file installer. That is how hackers sneak malware on your phone if you aren't technical you should know this is extremely dangerous!

Aar. H. Sep 5, 2020     

Like many others mentioned this doesn't work. Garbage.wants am update but the link is broken. Feels like a scam.

Cha. S. Sep 10, 2020     

Worked immediately. Samsung Note 10. Absolutely great tool to use on mobile!