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Endoscope allows you to fast link two android devices and stream live video from camera one device to another. Video stream is over Wi-Fi. One device hosts live stream and another connect to it. Remember to use Endscope your devices must be connect to the same wi-fi network.
You can link to stream via:

- scan qr code to get ip address.

- enable nfc and touch two devices to get ip address.


- You can type ip address manually.


You can configure:

- resolution

- encoder H264/263

- port

- audio stream

E-mail: pszem.szym@gmail.com

OPEN SOURCE PROJECTGitHub: https://github.com/hypeapps/endoscope

Category : Tools

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Reviews (6)

Lee. D. Jan 23, 2019     

The instructions aren't very clear, as a result, I was unable to be certain I had followed directions. In using this app on 3 different devices, I only got errors. Uninstalling. I'm not willing to communicate with the developer, there are dozens of other apps claiming to do the same thing and prior communications with other Android developers have been extremely unproductive.

Ben. A. Mar 1, 2022     

Turns out the endoscope I had was a limited time third contract piece of software that it expired rendering the endoscope useless. It not working had nothing to do with this app, cannot give a proper and honest review

Jor. G. Jan 3, 2020     

Simple and very easy to use. Ading a radio station is as easy to copy and pasting the station url.

Har. I. Jan 1, 2021     

Thanks awesome thanks

Dee. K. Nov 19, 2016     

Crashes every time.

A. G. u. Aug 9, 2016     

Please update for 6.0 Runtime permission. overall app is good.