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Enhance Photo Quality

Enhance photo quality is a pic and selfie editing app where you can enhance photo quality by apply best photo effects and overlays on your photo in this photo editor. You can transform your creation into a desired image with all photo editor app features, photo effects and overlays. Enhance photo quality tool is A very comprehensive photo quality enhancer app where pic Beautifying Effects give a professional look to your image by apply photo effects, overlays, frames,vignette and photo focus, text on pic,stickers,lens flare,adjustment tool include contrast,sharpness,hue,crop,brightness. Through this photo changer image editor app photo editing can become a real art: you simply touch with a finger you can make photo effects localized !despite its simple structure, it is best for your selfie and pictures to provide a certain quality and wide range of photo effects. so get ready to arrange your photo through this photo organizer.Use your imagination
- to create a masterpiece !***
* Features of Photo Quality Enhancer App ****
- Color adjustment options include hue, saturation,sharpness,blur, contrast, and brightness etc.
- Large variety of effects for your photos including pencil sketch, black & white,sepia,lighting,uni color ,hard burn,vintage and more.
- Around 50 overlays for making quick fixes or adding your personal style.
- Photo frames,borders,text on pic and stickers to decorate your image.
- Apply lens flare for lighting effect.
- Great vignette and photo focus features.
- Apply desirable color on photo.
- Share your creations via whats app, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, email, and other social networks.
- Much more .

Category : Photography

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Reviews (30)

L. G. Jan 10, 2022     

Did NOT clear photo like it said it would! NOT even close. If i could give no stars it still wouldnt be to many! I have a photo that i wanted Clearer (less blurry) and regardless what i tried on your app it didnt make it any better at all. And i tried everything from brightness, sharpness, contrast, filtersit didnt get any clearer. Even tried the focus. Still not removing the blurry. Just made it brighter and blurrry or darker and blurry.

Ant. D. J. Feb 7, 2022     

I had high hopes for this app. As a aspiring makeup Artist/ photographer , my editing applications are a critical part of my artistry and I must say this was unpleasant and frustrating. App says server error. Uninstalled the app twice with the same issue. Its not my phone network or anything on my end. Very misleading app

Hei. T. C. Mar 25, 2022     

Just tried the enhance function and I don't think it helps enhancing the photo quality, it just make the photo too much brighter.

Fra. G. P. Apr 19, 2022     

This works fine, but the problem is when you make an high quality of the picture, the picture get high brightness

sye. r. Apr 16, 2022     

Not a good app it doesn't enhance Or clear the image after I used this app my blur picture becomes more blurry and please upgrade and add some options also👀

Ral. B. Feb 3, 2022     

A very limited unappealing app that for whatever reason has the shadow slider change the color of the image instead of anything to do with shadows.a very dumb ai more like artificial unintelligent. Of all the colorize apps available this app is deservedly holding a firm grasp on the bottom of the pile. amateur hour fantasy version of a real editing apps gotta go delete this knock-knock joke and keep looking for a real enhancement app.

Rex. B. Aug 25, 2019     

Frankly I find this to be a quaint, but handy little app. It's much better than most Gallery app editors but not even close to Snapseed, ToolWiz, PhoEd+ etc. It can't smoothly rotate. 90° only. Limited crop formats (Whose bright idea was it to default to a 16:9 format for a portrait photo and no frame rotation or 9:16 option?). Can't resize after cropping so edit first, crop last. But no noise after saving! YES!!! Great for a guick edit, and save it (remember, no noise!) for the big apps later.

Cas. M. Apr 13, 2022     

Can't stand the amount of ads. Although it does have some cool filters.

Ly. T. May 8, 2022     

This app does not work. Ads are all. It seems a trick.

Jos. S. Mar 28, 2022     

This app is awsome, can't wait to run some more older photos through it!

Muf. Mar 24, 2022     

the quality of pics got really better it works very great.

Jus. Jan 27, 2022     

ads... so many freaking ads. spent one minute going through ads just to be able to open the darn thing. that's a major note in every way to me.

sne. p. Jan 18, 2022     

Video enhancer feature is not working at all. Some little blurred picture can be restored .

Ley. :. Apr 8, 2022     

It's alright, but overall it just sort of helps get rid of the blurriness by making it brighter or more saturated. But the brightness and saturation can be edited as well so 3 stars is a fair rating to me.

Jud. B. Dec 27, 2021     

I didn't even get to use this, as it didn't show all my photos, just the one's in the gallery. Why don't you show photos in Google photos?

Sus. D. Feb 7, 2019     

Enternaning app, Fun easy, seemingly harmless way to enhance an image or partts of an image to call attention, either to details, mood, aka warmth, etc. Its got brightness, contrast, saturation, "shadow," etc. Its not Photoshop but pretty close imbo. But simple & clean. Not comicated. Doesnt remove the back ground, or anything heavy duty.

Zïñ. K. Feb 20, 2022     

Not good, when I want to enhance it dosent i just get stuck on the "progressing" screen. But not bad.

A. G. u. Nov 8, 2018     

Pointless! The photos disappear when you save them. There's no way to see the file location from the app (just the name of the photo), and when you search your documents nothing shows up. This may be a malware app that exists to steal info.

Di. D. Dec 8, 2021     

The photo after the editing has a terrible quality and the app keeps crashing from time to time

Jaa. Nov 26, 2021     

Its a nice app, works like magic on photos, but like on some photos when you try to improve the quality, the app doesn't do the best job, it still doesn't appear...clear, there are some blue spots on my pic and it adds up lots of brightness, Its not the best editting app, but it provides lots of good editting features and whatever it does to your pic is still very nice so I gave 4 stars.

Ann. Jan 12, 2020     

Yeah easy to use but when i go to save my photo to gallery i dont think i see an actual save button, to, y'know, save it, not to mention reading through other reviews thats not the only problem, might be an update issue or what not but for a lot of people they couldnt get into the app and it would crash?? Maybe try a different app..

Nig. T. Mar 12, 2022     

Can't see any difference really apart from it being a little lighter. Still as fuzzy.

Sar. B. Jan 31, 2022     

App said it would enlarge photos without losing quality and that's not at all what happened. I tried zooming into an image and it only made the photo have even worse of quality than it originally had.

Maa. C. May 17, 2019     

pretty amazing app with a very nice, camera like design to it. one thing id like to see in the future is the ability to zoom in, for example to check whether the edges are sharpened enough or need to be sharper since especially vertical pictures look very small in this app.

Dan. T. Mar 12, 2020     

So far pretty good! It made one of my pixelated logo images look sharp. Although when I tried a different image it made it look worse. But I can only imagine how much better it'll be once development is done!

joe. j. Jan 13, 2019     

Absolute trash. The pictures literally disappear from your phone after editing. How could the people who made this miss the most important part about editing your picture? Garbage. Thanks for wasting my time.

Bri. h. Mar 12, 2022     

finally a free editor photo app that actually does what it says it fixed my blurrish old photo awesome app definitely 10/10

Oct. G. Aug 19, 2019     

The features are great. The app transforms the original picture into another picture that looks better. However, I have an issue with the blurring of the picture.

A. G. u. Nov 17, 2018     

First this app is pretty great as far as photo editing, what's annoying is that you cannot really zoom in after a cropping AND the sounds the app plays I don't want to hear a sound effect Everytime I try a filter

Kar. K. 9. Sep 23, 2019     

Supposedly able to clean up the resolution on an image. However, I found no such ability within this app. All the images I attempted to enhance just looked like super pixelated collages.